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  1. I have been a member and watcher of the very enjoyable NW forums for many years now and have never felt the need to contribute to the great discussions. But today’s very sad news has made me want to share what a great man Tim Samaras was. I was very fortunate to spend a number of seasons chasing during the mid noughties and was lucky enough to chat with Tim when ever our paths crossed, usually late at night in a Best Western/ Days Inn etc... after a hard days chasing. He was a lovely man and a great meteorologist. I have an abiding memory of Tim. A group of us chasers stood watching from a respectful distance, as a Tornado was ripping through farm outbuildings in Missouri. There was not a car to be seen on the road apart from Tim in his little white SUV heading straight for the Tornado in an effort to try and collect data. He was a man on a mission and a very worthy one at that. Tis a very sad day indeed, we truly lost one of the good guys on Friday.