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  1. Temperatures not far off 30c this afternoon, which is pretty rare off a westerly for this location and testament to the remarkable summer we’re having.
  2. Goodness me. With the Gfs underplaying of temps, that’s a record breaking chart.
  3. That day 10 chart from the 12 gfs is seriously hot!
  4. Much more like it from the ECM, that’s a scorcher at 168!
  5. And now we have a similar heat pump setup forming on the 06z GFS........
  6. Just comparing the ECM 144 of last night at the bottom to tonight’s ECM 120 below. The jet looks on more of a sw/ne axis tonight with a more robust area of high pressure associated with it. Hopefully this result in a better second half of the run
  7. 210hrs we’re right back in heatwave territory. Goodness me!
  8. By 192hrs High pressure from the SW has reinforced the ridging. Considering we’d already be 2 weeks into a fine spell by this point, it’s fast becoming an exceptional spell of weather.
  9. 06z GFS at 138hrs, lows pulling back into the Atlantic with the jet much better aligned SW-NE. Looks poised to build a good ridge thru Uk and Scandanavia here.
  10. Blimey, that’s what you call a classic summer set up! Cracking ECM
  11. Taking a snap shot of the GFS 06z at 240. Really following the script of the 0z ensemble mean. Upper trough regrouping mid Atlantic with a downstream ridge rebuilding in our vicinity. A high pressure dominated outlook.
  12. 12z UKMO is looking much more like it. We keep more separation of the Iberian low and Atlantic trough. This keeps pressure higher through the uk and look at the very warm 850’s being pumped north. GFS doesn’t agree tho, let’s see what the ECM has to say about it.
  13. 168 ECM the Iberian Low is moving out west which is starting to waft up hot air from the south again. Great stuff
  14. And at 144 many locations will be sailing through the 30 degree mark surely