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  1. GFS 06z makes much less of the Atlantic push. The trough disrupts and drops further south drawing more heat up. by next Thursday, this is the result.... 36c in the London area, raw temps ?
  2. Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. I’ll bank this 144 ukmo. Trough pulling back west, jet aligning SW-NE and pressure rising from the south ?
  3. ECM sniffing around a plume at 240hrs too. Pressure falling around Greenland and the trough pulling back west into the Atlantic. Letd hope this trend is built upon in the coming days.
  4. Looking for signs of our next bout of settled weather, I’m encouraged by the 0z ECM. Comparing the 168hrs chart below you can see northern blocking suppressing the jet and associated trough into our area. The next chart is the 240hrs. You can see by then the northern blocking has evaporated and been replaced by low pressure in the southern Greenland area. The trough has pulled back, getting the jet on a favourable SW-NE axis and allowing the Azores high to ridge in. Backed up by the 240 mean ?
  5. It’s still coming down thick and fast here. Due to the slight rise in temp and compacting, I think we’re not accumulating much more tho and will level out at around 20cm. what a fantastic event this has been!
  6. Well i’m gobsmacked at this. 10 years of looking at the models and I never imagined that such a set up could bring me the heaviest snow I’ve seen in my 34 years. Closing in on 20cms here. I just had to take my 4month old son out in it, although I was more exited than he was!
  7. I make it a level 18cms here in south Bristol and still coming down thick and fast. Incredible
  8. The GFS 06z is continuing the trend of toning down the depth of the trough next week. The core of the low not making landfall in Scotland before moving away. By 168hrs the Azores high is nosing in again, I think the breakdown has been toned down in the last 24hrs. ?
  9. What I find fascinating is that normally, following any modelled plume, the jet quickly ramps up and blasts it all away. The 216 and 240 charts while being a bit of a mess, shows this just isn’t happening. Certainly not normal service this year!
  10. Totally agree re the ECM’s strange goings on. With the frames being 24hrs apart, I’ve always enjoyed trying to work out what the next one will be, to some success. But the last few days, I have no idea what it’s going to do next! The frames just don’t seem to stitch together logically if you know what I mean.
  11. UKMO showing a good recovery at 120, 144hrs. Good to see the summer of 2018 also bucking the recent trend of summer troughs getting encased in higher pressure and stuck over the Uk for a week or more. Low lifting out nicely ?
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