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  1. What a depressing BBC 1 forecast at 13:15.;Fairly dry week with odd bits of sleet and snow tues,wed but nothing of any interest or troublesome. What happened to the sliders which were going to produce good falls of snow to some parts?
  2. I think Fergie's post about snow Midlands north next week has dampened southerners spirits aswell
  3. Here's Fergie take on the weekend. Looks like the front turning to snow in Belgium, Netherlands and France. Rain for the UK.
  4. [ UKMETO 120hrs . Surely snow for some lucky people in Southern England?
  5. Great runs this morning. Both GFS and ECM show hardly any warm sectors on the front coming in for the weekend. Track of the low still not certain.
  6. Lol Boing Boinging back to the Championship on current form. Dreading Chelsea match Tues night. 150 mile round trip in this weather.
  7. Poor forecast for southern cold lovers. As things stand no SNOW this week apart from hills in the north. 60mm of rain from now until weekend, Roll on spring now.
  8. Sledges at the ready folks. Please for the 1st time this winter be right.. From Ian F taken from MOD thread Re Monday - yes, Dep Chief confirming likely easterly movement of wintry ppn into some southern-central areas with time (not expected disruptive for those districts at present), but current E4 PPN discrimination highlights Bristol-M4 corridor; parts of Devon etc at greatest risk of what could be disruptive snow/hail/ice issues (because potentially phasing with AM rush hr). I'm not allowed to copy the high-res charts; sorry... but it's an interesting signal. Edited by fergieweather, 2
  9. I think Ian F must have had a quick peek at the ECM before going live on air. He just mentioned the chopping and changing of the models and next week could be either cold or mild
  10. Well said my fellow Baggie. I'm staying in this thread now as the main storm thread is being overrun with stupid posts
  11. No downgrades at all. From FergieIan Fergusson â€@fergieweather6mW COUNTRY UPDATE 1630GMT Rain turning heavy this eve into tonight. Winds pick-up especially into early hours. Between 3-6am gusts 50-70mph..Ian Fergusson â€@fergieweather 3mW COUNTRY CONTD... with potential for short phase 80+ mph especially #Somerset from #Burnham up into #Bristol, N Somerset, #Mendips, #B&NESEdited by lfcdude, 12 minutes ago.
  12. It's getting really silly in here mods and very confusing for new members. Some people are writing this storm off based on a couple of runs. Until the met office downgrade this storm on their website we should all take notice of the warnings issued.
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