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  1. Amazing weather today, two scenes from the train from Hove to Ore, one from near Lewes looking up to the downs in lovely sun and the other looking landwards from Norman’s Bay!
  2. Sounds like a lovely day out despite the m20 hold ups, enjoy Port Lympe today, the weather looks dry for the first half of the day at least?! Work for me today but off to the Peak District Friday for a week!
  3. indeed very predictable and pretty much bang/pop pop on demand! morning is back blue sky emerged, long may it last.
  4. Looks like morning has turned back to night here , horizontal rain, also thunder which turned out to be a boy racers silly little car with an amplified exhaust backfiring. .
  5. noises at night give me the creeps they sound very eerie! Hastings town don’t have wheelie bins and the seagulls have a merry old time along with all the urban , and stray ’s !!
  6. Yes it’s really going for it now along the coast a bit in Icklesham, laid both wheelie bins down before they get pushed!
  7. All hail the might hail, just absolutely hammered down with hail stones here, they remind me of those yummy sugar crystals on my favourite bath buns!
  8. @TomSE12 My elevation according my Ordnance Survey Map is 52? This is for Icklesham East Sussex.I’m getting excited I think this is going to make snow happen, pfft, ‘just like that’!! ... ️ snow
  9. I’d like to take the 22nd since it’s my birthday?Hope no one else has?!
  10. Everyone has beat me to it with the weird cloud scenes today! It was quite mesmerising, I took a picture from the car, was travelling to and from Ringwood in the New Forest so had lots of opportunities to see it from different angles! I wish I’d stopped along the seafront to take a pic, the sun was setting behind the cloud formation and it was a beautiful red/pink, with the dark silhouette of Beachy Head. Anyone with a decent camera would have nailed a super duper snap! Anyway this is my poor effort, bear in mind I was in the car travelling at speed!
  11. Thank you God that I have the privilege of a warm and dry place to lay my head tonight. It’s absolutely hammering down in a very gusty wind, I pray that all the people who have nowhere comfortable warm and dry to sleep tonight stay safe. My worries are prompted by seeing all the wobbly and precarious pop up tents I saw along Hastings sea front today...
  12. All a bit odd, I’ve not been feeling this really mild weather. It’s felt pretty chilly on the whole, certainly not anything noticeable mega mild...
  13. Sick of this already-melted-snow falling, someone switch the blinking sky freezer back on please....
  14. hum what an utterly pants day for driving or pretty much anything else really. Had to go and visit someone over at our unit in Crawley, opted for the m25 route, yuk yuk yuk, wipers at double quick tempo and I still might as well have been driving with my eyes shut. Feel tatered now, might pour myself a cider, or a little something else from the bar to calm down. !! ️ 🌧 🌬 Hope everyone else has stayed warm and dry. Imagine if it had been Election Day ️ Snow, would it have matched Iceland’s epic snowmageddon event?!!
  15. Thanks for putting these pics and clips up @Kirkcaldy Weather . What amazing scenes, as well as being incredible I guess it was quite scary for people, I suppose they are more set up for those kind of conditions though!
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