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  1. Morning , weather friends .. I approach my 10th anniversary on net weather .. I seek my first snowflake of this winter .. maybe 2020 will bring one ! Wee photo of yesterdays mild sunrise
  2. Strange wee day here in Gourock windy ENE wind .. and bizarrely mild at 11
  3. A wee dusting of snow up on the hill of Gourock
  4. Nice wee dusting of the snaw happy to walk in the falling snowflakes ! Can’t beat it
  5. Morning weather friends , was a cold and frosty Gourock today .. and felt seasonal . Will we get snow ? Not sure yet , but sure does beat the endless grey we had to endure. last night due to hazy high cloud had a moon halo !! Looked awesome tried to get a photo ..
  6. Morning , good to hear of the snow reports up north .. been a very dull winter .. my wee photo of stars last night .. hope the cold spell brings more star filled clear nights
  7. Happy New Year ,, weather friends .. oh it seems to be grey and then grey and then more grey skies ! anyhoo wee photo of Gourock in the grey and then my attempts of taking night sky at at start of the week i need some snowflakes this month
  8. every year .. I will not go into Model thread .. i will not get my hopes up for snow and believe every roller coaster run every year , I need to go into Model thread .. i need to know if it will snow .. this is is my winter state of mind Anyhoo weather is p!sh in Glasgow .. dark , gray and 7 degrees .. :(
  9. Very cold easterly this morning 3 degrees and patchy frost ! the beautiful sky made it better
  10. Gusty winds here in Glasgow City Centre .. My trains have just been cancelled ... so looks like interesting journey back to Gourock !
  11. I woke up to rain this morning ! was a nice wee surprise :) Such an amazing summer we have had so far !
  12. The wind , the wind !! So cold !! And Wee flurries in that cold wind !!
  13. Drip drip drip, the sound of retreat ! Still amazed at the snow we got .. and have added photos of the crazy drifts at the river Clyde
  14. Spent the last two hours helping my dad clear drifts from his drive ! The drifts the drifts I loved it though
  15. Snow snow snow snow snow snow, I have never seen snow like this in Gourock .. well at least not since early 90s .. have 28cm in front garden! The drifts are intense ! I love it !!
  16. Wasn’t expecting anything today , but just had some snowflakes in the wind
  17. Morning! RoboMod told me I have been inactive !! that wind is getting colder atttached some photos of my walk yesterday ..
  18. Beautiful day in Gourock today forecast is confusing me at the moment dry? Rain ? Snow ? Who knows ? Time will tell
  19. Ah what a day !! Can’t beat a good old snow day !! Photo of Gourock in the snow
  20. I got my wish for one last bit of snow !! Snow now turning to sleet sand rain !! Was a great wee winter spell
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