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  1. Well after a week of cold cold rain and occasional sleet .. today was cold and random flurries :) also managed to get quick photo of a wee snowflake on my car .. so beautiful ❄️❄️❄️
  2. The story of my winter , ice and cold but not much Snaw 🙂 today someone decided to put a snaw shovel outside my house ! A sign ? Or epic trolling from the weather gods ? Was glorious earlier today 🙂
  3. Some snaw is better than nae snaw Loving seeing the ❄️❄️❄️❄️ photos
  4. Snaw fingers crossed for those further east ,, here in Gourock its cold , with a bitter wind doon by the water ,, bloody awful 😞
  5. The story of this winter so far.. cold and frosty .. then as precipitation heads my way .. I get excited for some snaw .. but yet again the temperature rises and it just rains ... Ah well , hope everyone that got snaw enjoys it 🙂 Here is a photo of the ice and mist from yesterday
  6. If a days weather could sum up 2020 .. today Is definition .. started cold and frosty at -2 A band of precipitation heading my way ,, looking like snow .. the dew point looking great !! Then 30 mins later it’s 1 degree and it’s raining Ah well, here is to a better 2021 , and to lots of snaw and an amazing sunshine in the spring happy Hogmanay
  7. Hello, hope everyone on here is doing ok in these strange days .. here is hoping it will pass soon .. anyhoo back to the weather we have had rain , sleet and epic hail ! And then blue skies ? typical Scottish spring day
  8. Beautiful clouds and in the sun almost felt like Spring
  9. Well , it’s been a disappointing winter ,, this is the closest to me getting a covering a snow !! It’s hail but it will do
  10. Windy day down here in Gourock ! A wee boat lost it moorings
  11. Morning , weather friends .. I approach my 10th anniversary on net weather .. I seek my first snowflake of this winter .. maybe 2020 will bring one ! Wee photo of yesterdays mild sunrise
  12. Strange wee day here in Gourock windy ENE wind .. and bizarrely mild at 11
  13. A wee dusting of snow up on the hill of Gourock
  14. Nice wee dusting ? of the snaw ? happy to walk in the falling snowflakes ! Can’t beat it ?
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