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  1. Why does interesting weather always arrive at midnight? Need to sleep but got to see whether this band is snow or rain! I guess the dog will get a late night walk:)
  2. Huge blob of precipitation heading towards me here but I have an awful feeling its going to be cold rain ?
  3. If the amount of rain we had from the front is anything to go by, I predict a really significant snowfall for those of you further up country. It really pelted down for hours before we got some snow here - the front has just cleared now.
  4. Here's a rare picture of snow on the Lizard - about as South as you can get. Bit soggy tbh but better than nothing.
  5. Incredibly, after heavy rain all morning, we have settling snow on the ground in West Cornwall! First snow of Winter 18/19 ?
  6. Very wet, very cold, no sign of even sleet here ? Might have to book a holiday somewhere where it actually snows ?
  7. Well, at least some red blobs crossing West Cornwall on that animation. Making me feel a bit more hopeful, thanks Mapantz. As long as I see at least one flake of snow this week I'll be happy!
  8. At least the current charts are showing weather of interest, whatever the outcome. Great charts showing promise in 10-14 days time at least keeps us all engaged. Endless charts showing mid/wet/windy weather all winter with no potential interest would have most people finding another form of entertainment ? To me, it looks like the chances for some notable Winter weather are increasing substantially, with the potential for some snow as soon as the weekend again!
  9. Someone turned on the hairdryer down in West Cornwall - all back to green overnight
  10. Heavy snow all afternoon in St Keverne (on the Lizard). No sign of it turning to rain here as yet. Drifting through all the gates onto the roads - not sure how the drive home will be!
  11. Light snow and -5°C here on the Lizard. Lots of drifting snow off the runway at RNAS Culdrose almost blocking the road on the way to work! Looking forward to more heavy snow later hopefully!
  12. Heavy snow with drifting in St Keverne (on the Lizard) and looks like more coming! Will post a pic when I can find some mobile reception
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