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  1. Naff all....losing faith...oh and the will to live.... Glad to see the south coast getting a battering...
  2. radar showing me under it...but nothing falling - Hatfield
  3. Yes but its raining...not snowing 🤣🤣
  4. how are we looking BA? Do you think we will get anything noteworthy?
  5. Get yourself some lemsip and tissues....
  6. To be fair, you aren't giving an explanation as to why its different this time...I am a novice at this but have a little knowledge but I too would like to understand if this is the same old 10 days out, or if there is more meat on the models bones of it coming to fruition this time and why it is different to the last 3 or 4 failed attempts to get cold to our little island? Thanks
  7. Was really heavy in watford and settling everywhere, back in Hatfield now, and very little here....
  8. morning all, Merry Christmas. It has been a long time since I have signed in to my account, but I had the feeling we might be on the cusp of something here. Am I wrong? Looking at the posts from yesterday, the models seem to have slipped again? When do we think the SSW might impact our weather? Are the models latching onto this now? I heard the 7th Jan might be the turning point?
  9. amazing storm, seems to be calming down now
  10. Ah, would love a week off .......Some very whispy clouds starting to show around Heathrow......otherwise, its a clear, calm and blue sky out there at the moment....So need a storm Sick of being in the NSC for so long
  11. ahh a mid afternoon Kip.....whats that then? Does no one work :-0 I dont think anyone really knows where this will end up. Radar watch from later this evening i think
  12. hahah, I do love this forum, the entertainment value is just brilliant, As ever with storms it is a radar watch and see what develops, everyone is allowed an opinion, if you agree with that opinion or not is up to you, but it doesnt stop one being allowed to air that opinion. You lot really do take any negative comments about the Meto seriously dont you lol....keep entertaining me guys, love it.
  13. Thanks Paul, bloody french, holding on to our storms. They cant run a port, and now they wont let the storms go....
  14. Hi Paul, what do you feel about tomorrow night into Saturday for our neck?
  15. Friday into Saturday is interesting. I think its about time us southerners got something, Im still in the NSC!! need some storm action