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  1. stopped now in Hatfield and melting quickly....that was a great winter ('s hour) though
  2. Same in Hatfield...Heavy and settling on cars and grass, nice to see it falling, but wont amount to anything..as was expected and par for the course this winter
  3. That London Cell just died before it could get up to me...shame, had some flashes and a little thunder but nothing major....more coming up from France? Will it come this way
  4. Got woken at 5am with some decent CG and thunder right over...didnt last long but got out of bed to see it as had been waiting all night lol....
  5. A little rain, a little thunder and a little CG....not sure I will get too much more, but this developed from nothing so who knows...
  6. Naff all....losing faith...oh and the will to live.... Glad to see the south coast getting a battering...
  7. how are we looking BA? Do you think we will get anything noteworthy?
  8. To be fair, you aren't giving an explanation as to why its different this time...I am a novice at this but have a little knowledge but I too would like to understand if this is the same old 10 days out, or if there is more meat on the models bones of it coming to fruition this time and why it is different to the last 3 or 4 failed attempts to get cold to our little island? Thanks
  9. Was really heavy in watford and settling everywhere, back in Hatfield now, and very little here....
  10. morning all, Merry Christmas. It has been a long time since I have signed in to my account, but I had the feeling we might be on the cusp of something here. Am I wrong? Looking at the posts from yesterday, the models seem to have slipped again? When do we think the SSW might impact our weather? Are the models latching onto this now? I heard the 7th Jan might be the turning point?
  11. I dont post on here often but Can I ask a genuine quesiton? I respect Ian F and any other forecaster pro or not who has more knowledge than I do. But why on earth is everyone going nuts becuase he and the Met think that this will break down in mid Feb when that is 2 weeks away and no one, Not the pro's, not the semi pros or anyone else can really say this WILL happen in mid Feb. We arent even sure whats going to happen in 3 days time let alone 2 weeks....There are so many possible evolutions no one can tell me they know this will happen...
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