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  1. Certainly Winter 14/15 is heading for the South East swear filter, unless February can deliver
  2. I'll check it out in the morning when I'm coming off the M25 at junction 26
  3. Doesn't look likely, anywhere South and or East of say Waltham Abbey, looks to be out of the running at the mo
  4. Not sure the temperatures will matter much for those East of London, met office graphics don't look as if the precipitation will even make it
  5. Shame they turn the lampposts off these days, spoils one of my favourite hobbies
  6. Still after the weekend to play for though, Keep the faith
  7. Watch the 12z's bring in the upgrades again. I swear the models have got a sense of humour, the 12z's raise expectations, the pub run sends everyone to bed deliriously happy, then the evil 0z's come along and put everyone in a bad mood for the working day.
  8. The wonderful Mr Rao is back with his take on this weeks fun and games http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/551536/Weather-latest-UK-forecast-worst-storm-two-years-Atlantic-hit-Wednesday
  9. Can we please all boo and hiss the winter like a pantomime villain as it leaves the building tonight. Worst winter ever. And just to keep on topic it's cold grey and miserable in Epping this morning, and I got soaked after dropping the car off for it's service this morning which will no doubt lead to open wallet surgery later in the day
  10. Wake up you 'orrible lot, it's nearly quarter past eight. Grey drizzly and dull in Epping this morning, the Met Office are having a little joke and have a snowflake over us for Friday morning. Woohoooo
  11. Maximum gust of 60MPH in the Bexley area, been out for a walk, area seems to have avoided any noteable damage, just some branches down, and a few precarious looking TV aerials
  12. Met Office warnings still rolling out, now some Amber warnings for wind for the South West extending East as far as Hampshire at the moment
  13. See you lot next November then, even Tamara has now thrown in the towel, joining Steve Murr, Matt Hugo and Nick Sussex, so it's time to stop kidding ourselves and look forward to the Spring and then hope that Mother Nature and the weather gods, give us a nice cold blocked winter 14/15, to make up for this wet miserable excuse for a winter that they've given us this year. Winter 13/14, should be banned from being mentioned ever again
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