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  1. Even though I'm in the supposedly perfect location at the heads of the valley,the precip is so light and fine,it's barely having an impact. Yes,there's a light covering but considering it's been snowing solid for two hours,it has to be regarded as a damp squid...so far anyway .
  2. Tiny flakes of snow in the air up here at the heads of the valley and the wind has changed to a cold south easterly .
  3. Definitely looks more fragmented (the low)than on yesterday's charts and a tad further north. Maybe there was a good reason the Meto never went to an amber warning after all.
  4. My location is in the firing line tomorrow according to the majority of forecasts but given the fact the heavy stuff is supposed to start at 12-1pm,I'm very suprised there's no amber warning yet considering schools,people leaving work etc. Maybe the Meto think the front will break up before it hits the cold air?
  5. You've all just read from a professional meteorologist that the meto,with all their amazing technology,are really struggling beyond 2-3 days and yet people are STILL posting charts 7,8,9 days away saying "return to westerlies now set in stone"
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