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  1. Pleasant enough today after the morning rain and gloom finally cleared. Almost cloudless now, in fact. 9 °C so pretty average, but it feels okay out there when walking.
  2. Better today, once it had finally stopped raining. Chilly and bright, much preferable weather for late autumn, to me anyway. I am really concerned we don't have another really wet late autumn and winter, though. The flooding around here last time was bad enough without the covid restrictions, but now when people can't even escape their flooded houses by meeting friends in the pub it'd be even more miserable.
  3. Not too bad a day really, considering. Plenty of showers, one or two of them quite heavy, but some periods of sunshine in between. Give me that any day over interminable grey gloom. Nothing special about the temperature (max 12.8 °C) but the air felt quite nice and fresh while I was out walking in the morning and again in the afternoon. Clearish skies for a bit this evening, too, allowing me to see the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the same night sky.
  4. Made it up to a spectacular 11.5 °C today. Miserable, miserable day it was, too. The best I can say for it is that there were a few short breaks when it wasn't raining all that much. Most of the time, though, it was wet and very dark. The lights were on virtually all day. Tomorrow's forecast seems to have improved from when I last looked, and I might even get to see the sun in the afternoon!
  5. A beautiful autumn day here. Not especially warm (max 16.2 °C) but lots and lots of sunshine combined with light winds has made it feel very pleasant indeed. I had a longish walk in the morning (about 100 minutes) and it was gorgeous. Glad I got that in before what's coming down the track, though! ☔
  6. What a change now. Max today was 12.5 °C. Still felt reasonably nice when the sun was out, as long as you kept moving, but really very chilly in the rain and wind.
  7. Pretty grotty here as expected. Steady light rain, 11.7 °C. At least the winds are light, so it doesn't feel too cold. It's not that gloomy either, considering. If we're lucky and get the odd glimmer of sun in the afternoon it might not feel too bad. Certainly nothing like the warmth we've had, though.
  8. As with others, just squeaked out one more really nice day. 21.2 °C (so just made 70 °F) and lots of sunshine until about 3pm. Then quite an abrupt change. By 4pm it was overcast, windy and feeling chilly and autumnal. Tomorrow will be considerably colder again even before taking the rain into account. Given everything else, I could really do with a sunny autumn. Don't really mind whether it's mild or cold, but please not another autumn of flooding rains.
  9. Lovely afternoon here as well. Unbroken sunshine and 21.6 °C. A shame it's all change very soon.
  10. Still only 15.3 °C, but almost unbroken sunshine so now it does feel a lot warmer, as long as I'm out of the wind. Warm enough to enjoy an ice cream anyway!
  11. It's 12.9 °C at midday, the sun's gone in and there's quite a breeze. Feels a lot cooler than yesterday. The warm sunshine and 20 °C predicted by the MetO for here today feels a long way off right now!
  12. Max of 25.4 °C today, which is higher than yesterday and pretty darn good for 15th September! Clouded over completely now so that's as high as we'll get, though it's still warm. The outlook is not very inspiring, at least in the vaguely reliable timeframe, so I have to think that this is the last day I'll be seeing 25 °C for a long, long time.
  13. A truly wonderful September day. Some mist in the morning, so chilly for a while even once that had lifted, but a lovely afternoon with almost no clouds. 24.4 °C tops. Very, very nice weather!
  14. Another very nice day today. 19 °C tops, but lots of sunshine, especially from lunchtime onwards. The air felt fresh but the sun still has decent warmth to it. Looking forward to the week ahead!
  15. A beautiful day today in N Worcs. Considerably cooler than yesterday (max 19.2 °C) but less humidity and more sun, so it felt glorious out for a walk in the country at lunchtime.
  16. Quite a nice day in the end here in Worcs. A bit murky in the morning, and again now, but the lunchtime period was warm and there was sun here and there. Low 20s and although a bit humid, not impossibly so. I won't complain about this at this time of year.
  17. Given the... er... circumstances this year, my hope for autumn is very firmly for it to be warm/mild and dry. I intend to be outdoors as much as possible, and when the weather plays ball it can be very pleasant well into October. A wet autumn would not be very welcome from my POV. So we'll doubtless get record flooding...
  18. We very very nearly got 30 degrees in October a few years ago! 😉
  19. CET can sometimes be almost completely useless for ordinary purposes though. A murky, rainy, gloomy day of max 16, min 12 has the same CET as a clear, dry, fresh one of max 22, min 6.
  20. Well, the early morning wasn't bad here... but it's gone downhill quite seriously since. 13.2 °C as I type, gloomy skies and steady rain. If it weren't for the leaves on the trees this could easily be early November.
  21. As I type it's 13 °C here in Worcs with steady rain. Some may like it and good for them, but to me this is just miserable for August. I just hope this isn't a sign of things to come! I don't expect too much from September, but some nice, peaceful, dry, bright days with temperatures around 20 °C would be very welcome.
  22. I sometimes feel as though things have moved a month earlier than they "should" be, in that May now often seems to produce the best weather of the entire year. Yes, this year's May was record-breaking in sunshine terms, but in many years now I seem to find myself spending more time outdoors in May than in any other month. Part of that is because you don't get the humidity of late summer (or the wasps!) and perhaps I'm imagining things a bit, but I really do feel like May is a better bet than any "true" summer month quite often now. On topic, I do have some hopes for September. I can't say
  23. Anderson stuck on 599 Test wickets as the last day of the Test summer dawns very wet and windy! The forecast for Southampton does give hope for a window of play this afternoon, so let's all hope he can get that one wicket. Given the number of catches dropped off him this innings, he should have about 603 already!
  24. Carole King's "It Might As Well Rain Until September" comes to mind... 😄
  25. Thankfully the rain stayed to the south this morning, so I was able to go out for breakfast and sit outside. Actually quite pleasant, and the sun is out now. Tomorrow does look a disaster area admittedly, but Wednesday seems reasonable at this point. After that... well, "unsettled" seems the order of the day for these parts. Not going to be one of the great hot Bank Holidays!
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