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  1. I hate days like these, it's warm, raining on and off and cloudy - bobbins!!!!
  2. Me too D! We had rain earlier and I noticed that rainy smell (that's my technical name for it ) I haven't noticed that in a long while.
  3. I've just finished, The secret diary of Adrian cat. It was free on my Kindle, so that's my excuse.
  4. Haha, I suppose when you put it like that, I am quite a fussy madam!
  5. For the first time ever on NW, I'm upset and disgusted at some people on here.

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    2. DR(S)NO
    3. UV-RAY


      Agreed, it's been a sad day on net weather.

    4. BornFromTheVoid


      You're obviously not a regular visitor to the climate and environment area then, SNS!

  6. I feel the end is near. But, I did take the dog out earlier and it was definitely nippy! I do hope we get a decent summer, no rain, unless it's at night - it's OK then. Lots of sun, but not too hot either. I don't want much.
  7. I didn't realise he was 70. Not that there's anything wrong with being 70, I just didn't think he was that age.
  8. Would the cushion bother you as much if it didn't have *love* on it and maybe another word, but just in small letters? Just wondered.
  9. I'm far from tall, but I just find them uncomfortable. I don't have cushions in my house as my two children (a teen and slightly younger) would probably try and kill each other with them.
  10. After today, I've realised that my pet hate would definitely be having no internet. It's been a struggle, it really has.
  11. LOL. I like seeing cushions on furniture but if I have to sit down and there's a cushion, I hate it.
  12. Was it when it snowed and then rained straight after? Broke my poor little heart.
  13. It doesn't know what to do here, sunny, cloudy, windy, just need rain now! NOT!!!!!!
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