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  1. Just been woken upby house alarm going off ?
  2. My last one before I go to bed. Since I've just enjoyed a big glass of Baileys, I'm not planning on work tomorrow ?
  3. I have a hedgehog cam in my garden and have had to turn it off otherwise I'll be bombarded with images all night. I have set it to take photos at 10 minute intervals.
  4. My husband asked me to pick him up from the bottom of the hill as he's leaving his car down there. Nothing much was happening, so I went to get him, 10 minutes later everything outside my house is covered.
  5. It's reached me now. Very fine at the moment.
  6. It's not snowing in my garden at all, but looking out my front windows I can see the hills on the other side of Caerphilly disappearing fast. It's coming at me like The Fog ?
  7. I'm home in Caerphilly now. I've been out to put lots of bird seed and suet balls for the birds and my hands are so painful from the cold. The clouds seem high but the wind is very chilly. I overheard a guy in work who said the snow will come after dark. I'm new but as far as I've been told, he's the one who decides when the gritters and snow ploughs go out ?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm de-lurking for this one. I missed last March's snow as I was on hols in Vietnam, but I'm avidly watching this thread for this one. I've put my leave card on my line manager's desk for Friday and worked an extra hour today so I can go home earlier tomorrow. I'll be reporting from Caerphilly (and maybe Pontypridd town centre as I work there now)
  9. I'm just back from Heathrow last night. We used Purple Parking Valet parking. I agree it's highway robbery there. Since we drove up for a 9am flight on a Thursday morning, we didn't want to faff around with shuttles. We missed the parking area and had to exit and go around again, but drop off was easy. Getting back we had to wait about 10 minutes as the cars hadn't arrived. Other than that, it was easy enough there.
  10. I just went to throw some seeds out for the birds and it bounced off the snow drifts!! It sounds like freezing rain here Front and back of my house.
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