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  1. joo

    Parking Heathrow

    I'm just back from Heathrow last night. We used Purple Parking Valet parking. I agree it's highway robbery there. Since we drove up for a 9am flight on a Thursday morning, we didn't want to faff around with shuttles. We missed the parking area and had to exit and go around again, but drop off was easy. Getting back we had to wait about 10 minutes as the cars hadn't arrived. Other than that, it was easy enough there.
  2. I just went to throw some seeds out for the birds and it bounced off the snow drifts!! It sounds like freezing rain here Front and back of my house.
  3. Conservatory watch indicates that blocking the gap in the ceiling with 2 towels makes no difference. I've also got another 3 leaks. A bit of the rubber has come away from the seal and there's at least an inch deep extending in a 6 inch radius from it. I dread to think how much snow I'll have inside tomorrow morning. I've taken all cushions and tables out (but not the beer). My garden varies from nothing on the patios to knee-high drifts by the walls.
  4. Still nothing on my cars and block driveways/patio. Grass is another matter.
  5. It's weird looking at the traffic flows on google maps. Practically every road is coloured orange.
  6. It doesn’t look a lot here in Caerphilly. My driveway is still clear but the drift the other side of the road has lost the kerb.
  7. It’s snowing like a good ‘un ...................... in my conservatory It must be hitting a sweet spot and so getting in. If I hadn’t sent my husband to the garage to bring in more beer supplies (the door was starting to be covered by drift), he wouldn’t have gone in there to keep the beer cold and so we wouldn’t have spotted it. Beer = good
  8. My young friend has not long got to work in Bristol and after me nagging her to get home (to Pontypridd), she says her boss said "nah, you'll be fine". I told her to show him the red alert and walk out.
  9. My block driveway is empty of snow apart from in the joints. All the snow is being swept up into little whirlwinds and blowing down the drive to pile up across the other side of the road. The drift there is over the kerb. My husband's office is shutting at 10 and I can't believe how many of my friends have gone to work.
  10. I kept waking all night wanting to look out the window. I resisted. The wind was very strong and blustery and that's before Emma's arrival. I can see blustery flakes on my hedgehog camera (I don't want to get up yet)
  11. My hairdresser wanted to change my appointment to tomorrow at 4pm as I was his only client for the day. Haha, no chance, I said and so he had to cycle down to Whitchurch from Ponty and back again just for me. He was muttering and mumbling about how this country can't cope with a bit of snow and it's not going to come to anything. I tried to tell him it could be serious but he wouldn't listen.
  12. It’s snowing and looking like sticking in St Mellons. The forecasts I’m looking at are implying the snow will arrive earlier than I thought tomorrow. I was hoping it would arrive in Cardiff at about 3pm so I could get home safely and enjoy the show. Now it’s looking like arriving in the morning. Should I just book leave and stay in bed?
  13. Am I missing something but I can’t see what time the warnings have been published on the met office site. They used to show it and it’s obviously useful to see if you are looking at an updated warning.
  14. I was out lunchtime in Ruperra Woods above Machen and I was boiling in my layers. It was just lovely. Myself, I'm hoping everything is over by after next weekend as I need to be in Heathrow on the 8th. I've got lots of beer ordered in this week's shopping delivery
  15. We just had one in Caerphilly. I thought I'd imagined it.