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  1. Sleety pish at 8 am has turned to heavy snaw. All melted areas are now white again.
  2. 33 cm here now, measured on an undisturbed patch of grass. More to come looking at the radar.
  3. The blue bin lin was clear last night. I reckon 6 inches have fallen this morning.
  4. DG1


  5. Snowing reasonably heavily (small flakes), with about 3 cm lying now. Wind has picked up.
  6. A covering of snow here this morning. Now sleety snow at 0.8C.
  7. A pity we are not in California. A blizzard warning is in force at the moment in the Lake Tahoe area with up to 10 feet of snow predicted in the mountains!
  8. Snowing heavily here at the moment. Probably about 5 cm lying, but it has been drifting a bit.
  9. Light snow here for the last 20 minutes. Sunny at Glenshee today with good snow conditions.
  10. At least there looks to be a reasonable diversion around the lost section of the A93. A bigger problem at the moment is that the Invercauld Bridge is closed to traffic, so Braemar and the Glenshee ski area cannot be accessed from Aberdeen. An extract from an Aberdeenshire Council press release: " The issues caused by flooding restricting vehicle access to the Invercauld Bridge in Braemar means access is only available via Blairgowrie. Pedestrian access is available, but the restriction is in place for motorists’ safety and barriers should not be removed, or driven around. Work is currently being carried out to look at solutions, however it is likely to remain closed to traffic for a number of weeks. Engineers have been developing options to secure the remaining sections of the bridge end supports and deck so that traffic can be reintroduced safely but most likely with single lane working controlled by traffic lights. Work to carry out emergency structural intervention will take place when there is no risk of further flooding of the River Dee. With heavy rain forecast for this Saturday through to Monday remedial works will not commence until Tuesday, January 5 with further progress made as weather and conditions permit. Emergency services are aware of the restrictions and have contingency plans in place to manage ‘blue light’ emergencies."