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  1. Aye, you're correct. I couldn't recall exactly. I've never seen anything like it (inc '62).
  2. It needed a JCB. You can still see the tine marks from the JCB bucket at various places on the road into Broughton. I've a great video of that day somewhere.
  3. Aye, I had to sit in the car for 20 mins before I could get into gear to go down to Broughton village store at 5pm. Frozen solid!
  4. Just had a power cut here - always a good sign. Thunder rumbling away merrily and rain now getting going. The radar looks promising.
  5. Aye, just come back from Biggar and settling well there. Just beginning to lie properly here at Rachan, south of Broughton. Shuggee will be pleased.
  6. Aye, Shuggee. Welcome to Tweeddale. You'll be having fun getting down that steep drive of yours.
  7. Hi Shuggee, I'm 2 miles south of Broughton as well - we must be close neighbours (well, as close as rural areas can be). Bitterly cold right enough and snow not melting now, Pete
  8. Not really a day for hanging out the washing...
  9. That's another beefy spell of snow just finished here.
  10. Snowing heavily just south of Broughton on A701. We've about 5 inches currently.
  11. Very heavy snow in Ballater. Been going for a few hours now so quite few inches lying.
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