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  1. The thunder was one clap last year during a 5 min shower...the other event was washed a way quickly same day 2 years ago....dosent change the fact that its letdown after letdown..do you want my FB profile so you can stalk me on there as well .
  2. The thundersnow was 1 clap in a 5 min shower...the other event was 2 years ago and was all washed away shortly after if i remember right....dosent change anything its still letdown after letdown......do you want my FB profile so you can stalk me on there aswell
  3. I to have had enough of these letdowns now...time to accept that the climate has changed for the worse....i shall never believe another weather model again.
  4. Your entitled to your opinion but years of constant letdowns as well as the new trend north says to me this wont happen...I would love to be wrong though.
  5. 2 runs,,gfs 18z is also north....it aint gonna happen
  6. Fully expected that...this region is genuinely cursed.
  7. very light snow now at brownhill.
  8. Cop out from oxberry,,,not even a mention about tomorrow.
  9. Am I going mad or summat..reports on here of snow in Blackburn, not were I am there isn't.
  10. And as for tomorrow night pffft ..wont happen.
  11. NO thunder NO lightning NO snow...just one poxy hail shower all night....i despair
  12. In fact it hardly looks like a storm at all....what the hells going on.
  13. At this rate it will end up to far south...plenty of runs to get through yet.