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  1. That can't be right.. Its showing heavy snow over Lancashire. ?
  2. What's crack with Sunday.. Is it showers or a proper front... Is It defiantly going through this region or another frustrating slider that will slide past us.
  3. Frustrating non sticking snow here... Met app has me down for a few light showers tonight.... Its a bust.... Thursday looking like a miss as well..... The next hunt begins.
  4. Don't go barmada.. Its nice to have someone in here who is even more pessimistic than me.... And that takes some doing.
  5. Tuesday not looking to bad now.. I'm expecting at least a covering... Just a pity the main course on thurs looks like stopping just below us in the North Midlands.
  6. Which will inevitably dissappear the closer we get to Thursday.
  7. Couldn't agree more.. Can't remember the last time we had some proper deep frontal snow.. Sliders always just miss us.. Anything from the south just stops short of us and most from the east gets stopped by pennines.. In the unlikely event anything substantial gets here it's marginal and rain.
  8. Looking like the usual frustration on tuesday coming our way.. Not to worry though.. I'm fully used to this by now...I expect the same on Thursday.
  9. My all time fav snowfall.. I would give me left proverbial for a repeat of that.
  10. Stunned...just awoken to 2inch of snow and still coming down heavy....were has this come from...I had no idea.
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