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  1. 2 word summary fizzle and dusting Don't anyone try a word mash up please
  2. Forecast holding firm that we’re the wrong side of the big fizzle here
  3. Just seen Met office update showing risk of freezing rain on Saturday. Now that would be a slap in the chops
  4. I remember it, just. I was 3 at the time. My mother had to walk a mile home from the childminder carrying me and holding my 5 year old brothers hand. It was mid afternoon and she describes not being able to tell roads from pathways. It continued all day and night. By the morning there were huge drifts. We have plenty of photos, one showing only the bumper of our Vauxhall Chevette, the rest of it under a huge drift up to the garage roof. All the men folk in the street for together with sledges and walked to Ty-Coch dairy and returned with milk for the street. Amazing!
  5. Nice to see it coming out of the sky. Last week was great but woke up to it. not a bad week of winter this
  6. Starting to think they have this badly wrong. hammering here and it’s in for a good few hours
  7. Didn’t take long. From nothing to this in 5 minuts
  8. Forecast temps are slowly dropping for Saturday and Sunday as we get closer. Positive signs!
  9. Very cold today. Caught me by surprise as I haven’t been keeping up with the forecast lately. Another notable factor is how calm it is, not a breath of wind. Been looking into the garden for a good 10 minutes (avoiding work) and, apart from the odd wren and black bird, not a thing has moved.
  10. Looking towards the mountain, we have a dusting at around 300m here. Bit disappointing, although the forecast was for sleet. Looks like they had it spot on.
  11. Aye. It looks like a bust. Just can’t see the heavy stuff getting here. Expecting no more than a dusting. Thats got to be up there with one of the biggest disappointments?
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