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  1. I enjoyed a few hours on skis up in the hills above Moffat today. Snow cover is pretty good on some aspects, with some enormous drifts, but it's stripped and/or icy on others. Admiring the drumlins in the glacial landscape of the Upper Talla Glen ... High above Loch Skeen ...
  2. It's cloudy now and intermittently pishing down with cold rain in Moffat, but in a break about an hour ago, the warmth from the sunlight falling on my hands, neck and face reminded me that Spring is just around the corner.
  3. There's a wee dead-end road in Leadhills that goes up to the railway line that runs to Wanlockhead. It's the last remaining operational part of a narrow gauge line that carried the ores away, and the route of the track can be seen running alongside the road all the way down to Elvanfoot where it linked with a siding at what's now the West Coast mainline. The off grid, solar storage hill camera I'm referring to is the one on Lowther Hill itself at around 720 m ASL, one which we installed a couple of years earlier than the Hopetoun Arms one, pretty much straight after we built the ski tow e
  4. It's a great pub and Rab & Rachel are lovely. On the camera, this one is hardwired to the internet and powered over ethernet but the one on the hill is solar powered and uses an antenna pointed at Sanquhar so as to overcome the RF interference from the radar dome. I really can't imagine a location at which winterhighland's Alan couldn't get a webcam working one way or another. He's a genius with them ?
  5. It's already turned to snow in the higher roads further west. I'll always have a soft spot for this webcam ? Alan from winterhighland did all the networking but I drilled the holes through the walls of the hotel, ran the cabling and fitted the camera to just under the upstairs eaves.
  6. The Met Office have just issued a yellow weather warning for snow above 200 m ASL across a large part of the upland Highlands area and a good chunk of the Southern Uplands. The Euro 4 is modelling impressive new snow accumulations over the mountains between now and tomorrow night.
  7. I love that Tesco in Peebles. I used to do some work in there and although it's the smallest Tesco you can ever imagine, it's a great shop and the staff and management are really nice people. I did a photography job at the newly opened Broughton stores last year too, and was v. impressed by the collective village initiative. It's an excellent shop now, and has a better selection of goodies than it ever had before.
  8. I was thinking of you when I saw that area map and that you might be wise to nip up to Broughton for your 'snowed in' rations. The A701 can get a wee bit 'drifty' !
  9. There was a lot of rain last night in Moffat, but since 6 am, each passing shower has been getting wintrier. It's settling readily just now.
  10. I'm no expert, but that's my understanding of it too. When you see snow falling on puddles or wet grass and it kinda does nothing for ages but then all of a sudden everything goes white, that's the point at which wet bulb temperatures are approached freezing. Locally, the ground level air mass can be cooled enough by heavy precipitation for wet bulb temperatures to change, but in showery, windy, mobile conditions, wet bulbs are mostly determined by the overall air mass and therefore those wet bulb temperatures are harder to shift downwards.
  11. Looking at the suite of model output, tomorrow's the day when wet bulb temperatures become conducive to snow accumulating. They're at their maximum overnight tonight, particularly through the Central Belt, so anything that accumulates today will met away, but as of 6 am, it's looking good everywhere.
  12. Aye, and I'm hoping we're off the hook for the time being too, but maybe a wee bit too early. The Met Office forecast has the wind peaking around 6 pm, but so far it's pretty standard wind and rain stuff for Moffat i.e. it's like the fire brigade are outside our hoose and are hosing the windows, but not like they're trying to remove the roof at the same time!! ?
  13. Interesting. That's a very localised area in the amber warning zone, east of Eskdalemuir and towards Kielder. It's the leeward side of the Southern Uplands that in my experience, gets heavy rain much less frequently than we do on my side of the hills but those Tweeddale towns can be prone to flooding when it does happen. Edit - Tweeddale, not Tweedsdale. D'oh !!
  14. Pretty much all of CalMac's weekend sailings have been cancelled, and it's not looking too promising into next week either. Mind you, there are worse places to be stranded than Barra, North Uist or Lewis ? Service status & info | Caledonian MacBrayne WWW.CALMAC.CO.UK
  15. It looks as much to me like a land degraded by historical deforestation and contemporary grouse shooting as one degraded by deer.
  16. I was gutted, scooting about in the van with my camera & tripod finding looking for some clear sky but everywhere within 10-15 miles of Moffat was cloudy when the aurora was peaking. My fantasy aurora for photography is for a clear sky when there's snow on the ground, a frozen loch in the foreground, and just enough moonlight to illuminate the landscape of mountains as the aurora dances behind them ?
  17. Looking at all the various MO and the associated DPs and 850s, none of which support snow much below the tops of the hills, it's hard to see their reasoning behind heavy snow at 150m ASL.
  18. "UK on amber alert as heavy snow forecast" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47071846 Sorry for the semi-political rant, but that's a headline emblematic of the new BBC that I've come to expect. Its standard of journalism (and bias) has become exactly that of Daily Mail. An area which includes a part of South Wales and a part of Western England is issued an amber alert for snow, and its headline reads 'UK on amber alert'. Yeah, the UK is on amber alert, but not for the weather.?
  19. For all the told-you-so'ing, hair-pulling and toys thrown out of prams that I can imagine might be going on in weather forum model threads just now (don't know if it's true, but that's my guess), the season has been OK so far in Scotland. Limited snow for sure, but no house-wrecking storms, plenty of dry days with a bit more sunshine than usual, very few spells of incessant pishing down rain, and now that the evenings are just starting to get noticeably later, the promise of Spring just around the corner without the legacy of expensive autumn/winter repair bills. Silver linings and all that ?
  20. Awesome ! Last time I was in Castlebay was a week before the indy ref while on a cycle tour. Heaval is a great wee hill.
  21. The GB & NI ICON 5 day accumulated precipitation chart looks as if someone has selected the 'invert weather' option. Can we have this in the summer please ?
  22. On Lowther Hill this afternoon. Proper grass roots club skiing in the South of Scotland : http://rossofmoffat.com/albums/lowther-hills-ski-club/ On the way up ... Top of Lowther rope tow ... Bottom of Lowther rope tow ... Skiers on Lowther Hill ... Good coverage of fast, sugary spring snow ... A mile long run from the top ... Looking back to the hills as the light fades ...
  23. @Hairy Celt, yep, they're very common in the Moffat & Tweedsmuir hills, and even over to the west in the Lowther hills where the big estate owners have a reputation for killing everything but grouse, they're all over the place. I think they're amazingly resilient creatures, they're pretty bright so know when to keep their heads down, and so fast that they can almost always escape from fox and mink.
  24. I had a wee ski in the Moffat Hills yesterday Continuous snow to skin on from end to end ... Mountain hares everywhere, bobbing upslope as we climbed ... Crossing the brow of Cramalt Craig ... My pal took an adventurous way in ... And found a perfect white room ... I'm a pussy cat and like my sunshine ... Repeated through untouched stashes on neighbouring hills until the sun left the powdery slopes ... Then skied all the way back to the car ...
  25. I'm financially exhausted too. Besides the extra cost of heating, I've lost 3 days income to the snow, one from not being able to get to a site in Peebles on Friday, a stand at the cancelled motorbike show at Ingleston over the weekend, and my fallback, my regular stall at Blochairn market, was also cancelled today. On the upside, I skied some hills in Broughton yesterday that I've been eyeing up for years, but I am genuinely looking forward to spring now :-) On your December observation though, is it wings and roundabouts i.e. would a sufficiently cold pool have even been available out o
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