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  1. On Lowther Hill this afternoon. Proper grass roots club skiing in the South of Scotland : http://rossofmoffat.com/albums/lowther-hills-ski-club/ On the way up ... Top of Lowther rope tow ... Bottom of Lowther rope tow ... Skiers on Lowther Hill ... Good coverage of fast, sugary spring snow ... A mile long run from the top ... Looking back to the hills as the light fades ...
  2. @Hairy Celt, yep, they're very common in the Moffat & Tweedsmuir hills, and even over to the west in the Lowther hills where the big estate owners have a reputation for killing everything but grouse, they're all over the place. I think they're amazingly resilient creatures, they're pretty bright so know when to keep their heads down, and so fast that they can almost always escape from fox and mink.
  3. I had a wee ski in the Moffat Hills yesterday Continuous snow to skin on from end to end ... Mountain hares everywhere, bobbing upslope as we climbed ... Crossing the brow of Cramalt Craig ... My pal took an adventurous way in ... And found a perfect white room ... I'm a pussy cat and like my sunshine ... Repeated through untouched stashes on neighbouring hills until the sun left the powdery slopes ... Then skied all the way back to the car ...
  4. I'm financially exhausted too. Besides the extra cost of heating, I've lost 3 days income to the snow, one from not being able to get to a site in Peebles on Friday, a stand at the cancelled motorbike show at Ingleston over the weekend, and my fallback, my regular stall at Blochairn market, was also cancelled today. On the upside, I skied some hills in Broughton yesterday that I've been eyeing up for years, but I am genuinely looking forward to spring now :-) On your December observation though, is it wings and roundabouts i.e. would a sufficiently cold pool have even been available out of NE Europe/Asia to have provided the opportunity for those low 850 temperatures we recently experienced ?
  5. I can't find your prediction for Moffat but I've just been for a wade around in the powder and it's truly impressive stuff from an Easterly *. It's hard to tell, what with the drifting, but there's somewhere between 15 to 20 cm of some of the most delightful powdery goodness outside the hoose, some much deeper drifts, and the snow showers are still rattling by. How's Hawesy-land looking ? *Edit - usually, Moffat's weather is just pure cold, braw and sunny out of an Easterly, whether it's autumn, winter, spring or summer.
  6. Vindicated ! I made the right decision to stay home. Even as I was driving back home to Moffat past Tweedsmuir last night, small drifts were already blowing through gates onto the white road. I can imagine there'll be some much more chunky drifts now.
  7. It's nuking it here and Moffat Academy is closed today too. I was supposed to be working at Chesser in Edinburgh but despite winter tyres on the van, I'm giving it a miss. Bashing through snowdrifts on the way out or the way back anywhere in the 20 miles without mobile phone signal between the Beeftub and Broughton is probably not a great idea. I'm actually really surprised by the snowfall totals here so far because the hills to our east normally suck up most of the moisture when it comes from that direction, generally leaving us with bright but braw days. Radar suggests more to come
  8. Scotland 'on cusp' of red extreme weather warning for snow http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-43200598
  9. Well, your unblemished record may go unbroken, even on a full-blown Easterly that the model output thread lot have been up and down about for what seems like weeks. The 18Z GFS models mostly dry, a bit of rain, and at T384, some sleet !
  10. Yes, I've summited on touring skis in storm blizzard conditions by day and at night by headtorch. Anything over 40 mph is horrendous with the 'feels like' windchill factor being much.much more chilling than it suggests, feeling a whole lot colder than the -30's I've experienced in the Alps and North America. If you're going on foot rather than ski, it will also be much tougher than on skis. I wouldn't contemplate it.
  11. Anyone else get the thundersnow this morning ? I'm just back from working in Wanlockhead. It was hooning down this morning for a couple of hours and a fun drive up at 8 am. Mrs moffatross said thundersnow in Moffat too with multiple cracks of thunder/lightning in the heaviest snow.
  12. I'm back and forth from Moffat to Wanlockhead this week on a decorating job in a house that's at 437 m ASL. I'm expecting a fun drive up there at 8 am tomorrow. On another note, the models are throwing up all sorts of fun and games scenarios just now. This, for Friday evening, could just happen I suppose.
  13. I think today's mild sector was undercut by the cold air a few hours earlier than expected. I've been working in the SECC in Glasgow today, and when I left @ 6.30 it was pishing down rain at 4.5C. By the time I arrived at the South Lanarks/D&G Border at 7.30 pm it was pishing down sleet at 1.5C. It's currently pishing down in Moffat @ 2.5C but I reckon the highest parts of the Southern Uplands will have already been absolutely pasted. The Hopetoun Arms cam is showing the snow is setting in ... http://www.winterhighland.info/cams/lowtherhill/ The one up the hill will be obscured by new snow again by tomorrow morning. I must do something about that ... maybe extending the cowling around it might help but that'd also make it more prone to wind damage. We changed the Lowther Hill camera and its housing a few months ago to one similar to those used at Glencoe but it's been more susceptible to snow build-up than the one we had up there the previous winter (albeit it's also been tested a lot more by the snow this winter too ).
  14. Haha !! It's like a game of sassenach vs teuchter trumps isn't it !
  15. Tchh ! So parochial But don't worry, I'll post photos of the snow in Moffat five ninths the way up my 'yard stick' ;-)