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  1. I'm so excited about this cold spell i bought a weather station and linked it to the Met Office WOW site!!!! Dew point already dropped to -2.9... guessing it will be spending a lot of time in negative figures over the next couple of weeks! http://wow.metoffice.gov.uk/observations/details?site_id=ef30a420-c514-e811-90ce-0003ff59a722
  2. Folks, I want to invest in a weather station but can’t afford the more pro stations like the Davis Vantage Pro2... ...what would you recommend in the £100-200 price range?
  3. Thanks all! I thought as much. I’m only away until Thursday then back and hoping for a great snowy Feb for the southeast!
  4. I’m flying from Gatwick at 4 pm today. Does anyone think there will be any flight disruptions due to snow? I’m guessing not, but would like to get your (more knowledgeable) opinions
  5. Does it look like more showers are popping up in the North Sea?
  6. Graupal shower here in Hastingleigh right now
  7. Yes, a slushy 1-3 cm a step in the right direction though. Im hopeful as I’m at the top of the North Downs
  8. Neil where are you? I’m near Wye and had lying snow this morning but all melting now
  9. Had several snow symbols (Saturday 0:00-9:00) on the met office app for my area this morning. Now they have all gone
  10. SnowIng here near Wye on North Downs. Heavy ppt but small flakes. A dusting on cars and roads but not really accumulating even though I can no longer see the back edge of the field behind us due to the falling snow. Met office have heavy rain now for this area for most of the day so I suspect it will turn to rain later
  11. A couple of pictures from this mornings walk. Snow just stopping now.
  12. Loving it! But very winding up here at the top of the North Downs
  13. Doh. Wishing my life away!