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  1. Yep, that’s been me! My 3year old doesn’t like the heat either so he enjoys cooling off in the pool! Only 5 weeks or so to go (you wait, it will start raining again then!)
  2. It’s raining a bit here in poole! That small of fresh rain is lovely (at 8 months pregnant I am desperate for the weather to change, my poor feet!)
  3. I’d like some sun and warmth now, but being selfish would like a cool summer as i’ll Be very heavily pregnant then which in the heat is not nice!
  4. Just peeped out the window here in parkstone, and surprised to see a light dusting already! I’m hoping I can take my little boy out later to build a snowman ️- he’s 2 1/2 and never seen proper lying snow!
  5. Ha! I wouldn’t have minded today, but don’t fancy driving to ringwood in the snow. Knowing poole it will be 5mins and that will be it though
  6. Just started to rain with very big raindrops here in Poole! Air feels horrible, we need a big storm to clear it
  7. Well I thought it would rain...ignore the apps it just had a very heavy downpour here!! Poor hubby is camping in wareham this weekend- got soaked in the thunderstorm Friday. Not sure if he'll avoid rain tonight!
  8. We've been forecast heavy rain overnight all day today and yesterday- just looked now and it's gone?? Not showing anything at all now! I would have thought we would have got something here (poole) with that storm in northern France?
  9. Getting sleety showers here, was bright sunshine 30 mins ago, now gone back to dark and gloomy norm...
  10. Just had an almighty crack of thunder and lightening strike oustide our office in Christchurch. I've never heard thunder so loud. Power briefly went out too.
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