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  1. and it could be a truly historic event so perhaps a little latitude on this one occasion perhaps
  2. Stevetynant

    Nwq Jul19.jpg

    Newquay, Ceredigion
  3. All looks pretty positive to me- lets not forget where we've just come from in Spring 2019
  4. Yup everything washed away but it was nice while it lasted after all the stress when it took so long to arrive last Thursday Nothing in the foreseeable but its still early Feb we've got a good 6 weeks I would guess at the moment
  5. just started at home- good timing I'm just leaving work
  6. Nothing at home yet and of Course Newport nothing either - I'm only a few Miles from Andy so hopefully its travelling East and will be here soon enough - is that why Tredegar is struggling at the moment aswel - its obviously not the elevation
  7. 0.3C at home- still plenty cold enough but not a flake yet - John I'm holding you to 15.00 which should tie in with MO :0))
  8. Tricky one for Parents who are not able to leave work on the threat of snow though - most of us that would be I'm guessing
  9. Schools are closing in Pontllanfraith - busses coming at 1.30pm apparantly
  10. Still -2.1C at home - grey sky so no real signs of a significant warm up as yet
  11. But the BBC site looks like it was updated recently as it was broadly similar to the Meto last night whilst the Met's hasn't changed at all in the last 24hrs - who do we have most faith in? - Actually thinking on it I have more trust in Andy than either of them
  12. depends who you believe John I think, what it does do is question my confidence in any of the models where things can change so much within 12 hours - Mod thread are seeing a tentative sign of extreme cold from about the 9/10 Feb - so perhaps winter won't end this weekend after all if you have any faith in them that is lol
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