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  1. Anything in Bexley? I'm currently in Hertfordshire and it's snowing moderately
  2. Whoa! Right, so Meto have now said greater then 95% heavy snow for Bexley.. has it changed again?! The search for heavy snow continues... sadly I've run out of Margaux!
  3. Let's all chill. I'm fairly sure people wouldn't speak to each other in this manner face to face. Everyone on here brings something to the party. Let's all enjoy what we've had....
  4. Can't complain here (Bexley). It's been snowing on and off all day... it's been nice to watch. Off to my inlaws in Herts tomorrow so hopefully (if correct what is being said on here) will see more lying snow. All in all, I'm happy!
  5. Heavy snow for Bexley from midday tomorrow! I'm due to take the Audi in for its service tomorrow morning
  6. So, when is Spring happening?
  7. Lee, Mottingham, Eltham, Sidcup, Bexley, Crayford And Dartford
  8. Anyone trying to use Sidcup line - line has been suspended until further notice
  9. Thanks, Saint... I know..keeps the interest going though
  10. Lol yeah, exactly! Wife's a teacher and her school has been closed in anticipation of tomorrow
  11. Cheers SB...was thinking issue with trains...IF...heavy..
  12. Just watched BBC forecast...seriously don't know whether to travel into the City tomorrow. Gut feeling London could get a dumping. Thoughts?
  13. Sounds like the City is getting hammered again... was in the office yesterday when the snow storm pummeled us...St Paul's completely disappeared. Is this likely to push through to the suburbs _south of London?
  14. I didn't make it in today either. Logged on at home. BBC Weather showing heavy snow from midday onwards.