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  1. OMG.... calm down. Remind me not to ask a question in future. Jeez..
  2. So.. honest response...what can we expect in the next couple of weeks?
  3. Currently at work in the City. Does anyone know how Bexley is fairing? Thanks!
  4. SE England and EA Regional Weather Discussion

    It's been a while . How's the SE crowd?
  5. It's a white out here...... no, my mistake, just a large white van drove past..... mainly sleet in Bexley at the moment.
  6. Two days of heavy snow, 3 sightings of the Aurora Borealis and a shooting star. Doesn't get better than that!!!
  7. Certainly getting my snow fix at the moment, in Iceland.
  8. Back of the net. Nice to see, finally......
  9. Hope we get some down here (snow that is).
  10. Is it going to snow on Wednesday? (In Bexley)
  11. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    Bexley, SE London