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  1. Popped it on for an hour to take the chill and damp off the air. Probably could have survived with a jumper on, but it was more about the damp really...
  2. I only really read the outputs from the models and see the lack of cold weather ahead.... is there anything buried in there that could change this or are we down for a pretty boring two weeks ahead come Monday?
  3. Was out and about yesterday but Glossop seemed to have the least, pavements and roads pretty much all clear at lunchtime... Didn't catch the event so guessing they were on the fringes of the snowfall. Expected more in that area but had less than city centre, anyone know why?
  4. Pretty bad out there already - snow that has had footfall and turned to slush is hard already and where it's compacted is very dangerous. Roads that are clear glistening with frost too. Going to be tricky in the morning.
  5. Manchester snow shield still holding out if you look close enough ?
  6. hopefully something bubbles up out of nowhere overnight and surprises me in the morning - we've had the rain falling last night and now its cold enough it dries up, but it was so marginal it almost came off
  7. People are still falling for the cold carrot dangling in the distance? ?
  8. Very very unlikely. Currently pelting it down with torrential rain here in South Manchester - it could snow for days and nothing would stick.
  9. Manchester snow shield will deflect anything as it stands i'd imagine. Possible long period of rain and a bit of snow dissolving onto wet ground for 20 minutes, but that's all I can see at the moment.
  10. Vile out there and sums up the winter for here. Surprised we got falling snow earlier, but that soon turned to rain before anything could even treat us temporarily on the already wet ground. Looking at the models, doesn't seem much out there to look forward to the rest of the winter....
  11. As I said yesterday, Manchester looks to have found it’s rain again just as it’s mild enough not to snow...... disgusting weather out there.
  12. Sure enough, now the temps support rain as opposed to snow, back comes the PPN Been a decent cold clear frosty day here up to now.
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