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  1. Definitely, @minus10 - it’s always windy at Grafham Water. Felt very raw today in the wind
  2. Just hearing some thunder to our north. Could it be thunder snow? The sky is black toward Peterborough and heading my way Edit - yep, thunder show and some impressive lightning. Had about 2cm of snow in 10 minutes. Everything’s covered!
  3. We’ve got blizzard conditions here in west Cambs. Amazingly it’s settled on the grass and pavements. Started off as hail and quickly turned to snow.
  4. Chucking it down with snow here in west Cambridgeshire. Big flakes falling on nice, warm ground
  5. Managed three to four inches - absolutely hammered it down for a couple of hours and it’s still going, albeit lighter than earlier. Can’t see the kerbs in the road.
  6. Proper heavy snow now here in west Cambs. Got a good covering - let’s hope it continues for a bit longer. My son is desperate to make a snowman
  7. Morning, all - very light snow just starting in West Cambs (Grafham Water)
  8. My reverse psychology from this morning worked. We now have heavy snow and it’s settling. Lovely big 50p flakes.
  9. We have icy pellets falling from the sky in west Cambs - like little polystyrene balls. Will it turn more snowy?
  10. Hi - You can add west Cambridgeshire to that list. Still not had any snow yet. I can’t even remember the last time we saw a snowflake. Met Office has been terrible for snow forecast here. Last night it just poured down, yet south Cambs saw some flakes. Very frustrating winter here so far. Oh well, we look to February again. No doubt our best chances will end up in late March/April - our snowiest months.
  11. Afternoon, everyone. It’s finally stopped raining here in west Cambridgeshire and is now snowing.
  12. Yes, can’t believe how dark it is in Cambs. That band of rain coming from the south looks nasty
  13. Lots of thunder here in West Cambs, but we missed the rain - just a few big spots. Sounds like east of Huntingdon got the best of it.
  14. Wow - the snow band has moved north after all and we have a covering of snow here in Cambs. We weren’t forecast any. Goes to show the models aren’t always spot on. Happy snow day everyone. Looks like we might get some more over the next hour or so.
  15. Chucking it down with huge snowflakes here in west Cambs. The roads and grass are white. Huzzah!
  16. Torrential rain, thunder and lightning here in West Cambs. It smells amazing!
  17. Well, this band of snow has got as far north as West Cambs. Totally unexpected. How long will it keep going?
  18. Heavy snow in West Cambs for the past couple of hours. All the roads are white again. Hubby spend most of the morning clearing and salting the paths. Now he’s got to do it all over again
  19. Well, it’s snowed all day since I got up. We’ve had heavy bursts and light bursts, but it’s been falling all day. It’s been really windy as well so we’re getting nice drifts in places. Is it ever going to stop
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