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  1. Torrential rain, thunder and lightning here in West Cambs. It smells amazing!
  2. Well, this band of snow has got as far north as West Cambs. Totally unexpected. How long will it keep going?
  3. Heavy snow in West Cambs for the past couple of hours. All the roads are white again. Hubby spend most of the morning clearing and salting the paths. Now he’s got to do it all over again
  4. Well, it’s snowed all day since I got up. We’ve had heavy bursts and light bursts, but it’s been falling all day. It’s been really windy as well so we’re getting nice drifts in places. Is it ever going to stop
  5. Been snowing steadily here in west Cambridgeshire for the past hour or so. That wind is “BITTER” this morning
  6. Well after being very doom and gloom this morning, we've had snow pretty much all day today. Some of it light and patchy but we've had some really heavy, blizzard-like bursts. Had about an inch, although the wind has created some deeper drifts. Looks very dry now on the radar. Will be nasty out there if it freezes tonight. Glad to see my Cambridgeshire gang got some snow today, and other areas that had been starved this week. Fingers' crossed for a little bit more over the next couple of days
  7. I think this has just hit me - it's chucking it down!
  8. It is finally snowing quite heavily in the West Cambridgeshire Corridor of Nothingness. Hope it lasts long enough to cover the ground.
  9. Nothing here in the Cambridgeshire corridor of shame. Seems we might be the only area in the region without snow. Even the heavy stuff coming through on the radar looks like missing us.
  10. How far inland do you think they’ll get, Matt?
  11. Huzzah - absolutely chucking it down in Cambridge and we now have white grass. Huge, fluffy flakes. I bet it's still dry at home in west Cambs, though.
  12. Haha - just as I was typing that post, I actually saw some snowflakes, although they were gone in a blink
  13. Wow - Cambridgeshire is in the complete dry zone. Not seen a flake yet here in Cambridge. Plenty of showers to the north and south and a lovely big dry patch in between. Everywhere else is getting in on the action. This doesn't bode well. ironic that we're in East Anglia and can't benefit from an easterly
  14. Just had two heavy snow showers here in West Cambs. Seems to be a steady stream through the Cheshire gap
  15. Very heavy snow here in West Cambs. It’s settled on paths, grass and roads are awful.