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  1. Beautiful day today, nice and chilly. heavy clouds with no blue sky and a light breeze. Oh how glad I am to properly see the back of summers woes.
  2. It's a bit wet outside again. Friday doesn't look great for us either.
  3. Heaviest rain I have seen in a long time here now. Very Heavy+++, like someone pouring buckets out the sky. Flowing down the main road (Live quite a way uphill from it thankfully). If this doesn't deserve a flood warning hate to see the areas that did. You wouldn't want to be anywhere near this.
  4. Feel sorry for everyone affected by this. Hopefully whatever damage there is only stuff and not measured in human terms, looks pretty bad.
  5. Another day where you wish it was a bit colder. Nothing worse than rain and wind in February.
  6. It's the coastal warming effect, it happens all over in marginal events! It's just more noticeable here because where it might otherwise be the difference between a couple of inches or a few cms, it's the difference between snow and no snow over here..... Anyway, the north sea seems to have a firework up it's backside today, so we never know it might start penetrating the hills. I've vague memories of observing it do that in 2010 (but obviously I was more focused on the NE where I was actually living).
  7. Showers off the Durham and Teeside coasts look to be getting more organised, could fire into South Lancs and Manchester should they get enough intensity about them to get past the hills.
  8. The north west definitely seems pretty crap for heavy snowfalls. Regularly get a inch or two from a streamer or stray shower but never seem to get 6 inches+ (which is what I'd class as a good fall).
  9. Yep, to be fair we all expecting them to do that overnight but they didn't so it's been a better snow day than expected. Maybe something tonight when temps start falling again.
  10. Popped into to exactly the same, but spare a though for us North Westerners who missed out on that Dec 2017 event as it slid down towards you, you could say this your eventual payback. Now we just need a Scottish blizzard to sink over the border and all is equal with the world. Seriously guys out and enjoy this, snowfall like this is a rare treat. ? Keep the pics coming as well, they're great. Regards the intensification of the band, could it be the deep snow accumulations increasing moisture in the air and feeding more into to the precipitation?
  11. Once the wind has switched the showers further north should start streaming in though.
  12. Nothing too intense has really reached us from the east, this is no worse than Tuesday night so far, plus our depths our nowhere near likely to be 18-20cm such as in the areas of the south west (the only place that's actually deserved a warning out of this). Track of showers seems to have changed as well might be a while before we get anything heavy.
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