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  1. First signs of the Cheshire Gap stream for those in Chester/Stoke etc now, rain on the radar though.
  2. Looks like that north west area of Wales near Bangor will get pasted the next few hours going by radar. Enjoy.
  3. Nothing wrong with dry snow. Accumulates quicker to start with.
  4. Sorry if this in wrong place mods, no idea where it should go. Was looking at Blizzard time-lapse and came across this documentary by chance. Knew absolutely nothing about this beforehand. A real interesting programme and shows what severe snowstorms really look like. It's amazing the amount of resilience these people had and organisation the states found to help them.
  5. Well at least they won't need to tell anyone to stay at home under that, good luck getting out!!!
  6. How much trouble would I get in if I sunk the IoM - seems to be ruining the party.....
  7. Definitely and IoM streamer setting up. Obviously better for Wales than us but worth keeping an eye on this lot over the next hour.
  8. Seems to be for the North West of Wales rather than us though...
  9. Is that the starting of a streamer forming out in the Irish Sea?
  10. Yes. Snow cover and the clear cold pooling to our north and east on latest runs.
  11. As we both hail from the same area I get why you'd love an Easterly, they were the best for Tyneside, but I seem recall when I first started posting in thus thread being told Easterly's are less reliable this side of the pennines and we want a Northerly or some sort of polar low
  12. This might be a little bit of a ramp but so what. We now have reliable cold other the UK with many areas already seeing wintry showers or full on snow events (2 inches imby and even more in some other areas although starting to thaw a bit earlier). It's the third day of falling or lying snow here, with a potential 4th tomorrow and 5th on Thursday. We have reliable time frame cold available on all models going into this weekend, and a potential snow event for the far south tomorrow. We have by far the best synoptic for a prolonged cold and snowy spell since January 2010, with the right lining of the stars I'm now confident that by the 3rd week of January we could have over a foot of snow even to low levels, and long lasting cold to keep it in place with temperatures widely below - 10 in city centres with big UHI's such as Manchester and London. This winter will be severe, I can say this with confidence because one of the things that links every severe cold spell in British history is below average flights, naturally with Covid the number of flights has been far below average - indicating that January and February will be severely cold and snowy. Let's enjoy this historic period of weather.
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