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  1. Temp here in North Devon this morning is a tropical -0.8c, started the night with a -1.6c but some cloud has come in and warmed us up!!! Just read through the MAD thread and we seem to be in line for some cracking weather over the next 5-6 days. Bring it on..
  2. Where I live we don't have lamp posts, in preparation for a few night possible lampost watching are there any specific ones I should acquire?? Or can I just stare out the window using my fisher price wind-up torch as a sudo lamp post?
  3. If we did end up with a decent snowmageddon event here in the SW, I will be doing the very British thing of busting out the gas bbq!! Being on the coast up here in North Devon we do tend to miss out so fingers crossed for some of the white stuff, even if just a dusting.
  4. Hi, Thanks for that.. We have made a decision to push it back a week until the 5th March in case it all goes the way of the pear and it's uber cold and uber snowy, not ideal for the look we want.. I may come back a little closer to the 5th for some updated charts if that's ok, thank you.
  5. Hope i have put this in the right forum, apologizes if not.. But.. I am planning a photo shoot out in Andorra from Monday 26th Feb for a few days, with the SSW in full swing and incoming cold spell, what are peoples thoughts on the weather in Andorra for the above mentioned period. The shoot is fairly hefty to organize and I don't want to get there and find it's whiteout conditions or too cold for models.. Thanks in advance.
  6. Light snow and settling here in crickhowell this morning, surprisedreally as wasn't expecting anything until tonight. U.K. Rain radar show a lot of people seeing stuf falling already too.. Might not be a history book winter but me and kids are smiling!!
  7. I just saw all those Fb links to a white christmas.. Oh well time to clean up the BBQ for a burger come the 25th Dec then!! I love reading the forecasts here and try my best to understand them. But I am sticking with my local hardware store owner for future forecasts. He never bulk buys anything except in the winter of 2010 / 2011 when he brought a pallet of salt, and a truck load of shovels and sledges. We all said he was silly. I had to eat my hat as I purchased some of his bulk buys! So until he bulk buys again I'm keeping some burgers on hand for a Yellow and blue christmas.
  8. I wonder if exacta weather are starting to regret those sensationalist headlines now... Not fussed on snow either way (although it is good when we do get some) but a nice cold dry run of weather is what I'm looking for..
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