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  1. Morning.....Storm after storm after storm....Since 4.00 am. Repeat performance of yesterday morning, Well time scale anyway. Stopped about 20 mins ago.


    wx_116.png Thunderstorm   Wind Chill: 15°   Ceiling: 100 Heat Index: 15°   Visibility: 0.09mi Dew Point: 15°   Wind: 6mph Humidity: 100%   Direction: 30°NNE Pressure: 29.94"   Gusts: NA

  2. Hi Gang, Just thought I would pop in and say hello. Not been on much at all through this Spring and Summer, Really due to work and overhauling the house, Also a blip on the way with my Dad to which I will explain later, just don't want to tempt fate at the moment. Anyway weather wise not done bad at all this summer and still going good....September looking to be very dry compared to its average. Do I dare SAY the (W) WORD for the final part of the 4 seasons.....How many of you thought it was something else :whistling: ...Shame on you....lol. Will we achieve it...?..The last one the Americans nicked bleedin loads of it,Infact all of it.....I only had one jack shiver :cold: .......(frost). The rest was just wind ,rain,wind,rain...and then Wind (Gale Force) and shed loads of Rain  :wallbash: which felt like for ages.


    Anyway speak soon all......I will keep reading your post's  as I have been. :whistling:



    See you in 4 weeks for the start of a banging Winter   Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    Take Care


    Jason T.

  3. hi all





    Posted Image

    the morning starts dry


    a weak west which looks to veer north later


    when we get to around 2-3 pm storms look likely to break out


    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    around 6pm still storms around and effecting areas more to our north of our region


    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    these storms then look to go back south


    at 11pm


    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    the 00 fax chart


    Posted Image


    the trough is still there right over the very far south east but should clear by around 2am


    so looks interesting tomorrow


    fingers crossed and radars at the ready



    friday looks hopeful too


    Posted Image

    :) :) :)


    Ahhh Mr JP.......How are you. Will be getting to that time of season and year soon. Hope its a plus. Take care.



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  4. Evening all, Another fine and pheeew hot day. Still going to continue as well, Till Friday..Weekend......Hmmmm wait and see, Not as warm Maybe a shower...Then Heat kicks in again Monday onwards.


    Posted Image Clear   Wind Chill: 25°   Ceiling: Unl Heat Index: 26°   Visibility: 6mi Dew Point: 13°   Wind: 14mph Humidity: 47%   Direction: 70°ENE Pressure: 30.06"   Gusts: NA
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