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  1. 10 minutes ago, karlos1983 said:

    If south of the M4 sees snow next week away from elevation, I’ll eat my hat, usual locations in the North West UK will do well especially with some modest elevation. 

    At least it won’t be dull 


    maybe I’ll go hunting for snow in the North West..... if I’m welcome that is :rofl:

    You have no HATS left Karlos....:hi:                                   Apologies Mods..:oops:

  2. 40 minutes ago, Bazray said:

    Living south of the M4 and seeing all this snow chat and knowing your going to miss out again :(

    Far to early to make that call my friend...Get the cold in and believe me it will be cold. Some pretty outstanding data coming out now within the reliable. Everything still to play for and Upgrade.  Good winter cold spell on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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  3. I think it has to be said that finally a well deserved pattern change is here. So far for this winter period the models have just shown what's been quite extraordinary in the way of Temps but the Bi has had its more than fare share of Atlantic onslaughts. Any model output showing Winter for us is always a nail biter. I think that maybe even model forecasting has had to have short sharp shock to its systems in the way that winter is actually going to take place. We could be in for a shocker. 

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  4. While since I posted in here, Question is why is it so hard for us here in the UK, To achieve a Cold flowing Winter compared to either sides of the Pond, East and West. Apologises if this is a thicket request, I am just very curious as to why. Obviously the PV is a big player, But it is very frustrating when at times we seem to be so near yet so far in all output and data. 



    Many Thanks.

  5. As for my Winters Hopes, Well batter be better than the last load of Rubbish, "One" Just (1) Bleedin Frost, Then Mild, and  So the Wind kicked in Along with the lovely Rain as Atlantic low bus after Atlantic low bus came through. My lovely fence followed gravity from the Winds opinion. Still bring me a 2009/10 or 2010/11 Winter and I will forgive. :cold:  :yahoo:

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