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  1. Today since the Easterly graced our shores was never from memory in forecast relation meant to be a white out, Only Snow showers, The events are meant to start from early hours tomorrow and so on. Temps are on an even more decline from now and continuing through this week. As posted before, Confident of much intense and prolonged snow early hours and so on for most within this thread. No chance of melt..not at - 7c and below. Wind chill will be bitter.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Paul Sherman said:

    Great to not hear the drip drip drip

    Not so great to see zero convection looking east from the Estuary

    And where is the wind ?? Clouds are not moving up there

    Eerie feel not a sound out there, where has the beast gone or is it purring asleep atm

    The calm before........ Paul. We shall see, I'm still confident of those that have missed will wake up with smiley faces. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Frostbite1980 said:

    Problem is if you watch the frames they are dying out as they move further in land :wallbash:

    Yes, But the intensity is increasing along with moisture content dragged up from the channel...This is the beauty of Easterly's.. Everything to play for, The hardest part was the Easterly building in the reliable, Now its not the question of IF, Just WHEN...Enjoy  

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