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  1. Hello my Lovely peoples...Really nice day today weather wise...I see the D Express have now killed our dry out also our decent summer. http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/465006/Spring-will-be-a-sunny-delight-for-Britain-Three-months-of-warm-weather-on-the-way
  2. Afternoon all, Well lovely day really and has not been at all bad since Friday last week. Have not been on for a couple days, Due to strict orders from the Boss at doing the whole house up. So starting from Bedroom 1 at the moment should be finished around Winter as time and the all important money permits. Weather for rest of the week not looking bad at all. Visible satellite image from this morning shows vast expanse of high pressure covering Europe!
  3. Greetings All..Well what a fandabbydozy afternoon it turned out to be, A little warmth and sunshine makes the world of difference,Weekend looking very nice to. Large North and South split in temps ranges today.
  4. Evening all, LATE ONE for me logging in.. Hope everyone OK. Anyway , I had a chat with Winter,The excuses were quite good as the Burgers were Huge and the Coffee was endless.Anyway back to the lush green land of the UK, To which any hose pipe ban will be a distant memory, Unless it's the "Wrong" type of Rain, How they get round that one I will never know. The good old D Express have now buggered us for a decent dry out...Treasure the temps and the sun as the end is Nigh............Hope there ink runs out... Oh and now we can eat all the fried breakfast's we want...
  5. That's some Winter they are having jp. Nice to see some HP for us. Really need dry out time now, Looking quite pleasant later on in the week. Sunshine and 11c tomorrow for many, Although temps may slightly differ here and there.
  6. Quite windy out there atm, Odd heavy shower as well. Better late than never I guess, Sorry Peeps here are the promised pics from early am today. Cheery Blossom River Japan. Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives A desert haboob approaches Phoenix, Arizona Blue Dusk, Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany One in a million image below. If only world leaders could behave like this.
  7. Good morning everyone. Damp and drizzly outside, A whopping 4c and overcast.Nice to see much needed improvement in the output for warmer and dryer weather to follow later on next week. Going to try and spoil you all with some pics again later. Have a lovely Sunday.
  8. tomorrow's weather system. It will move SE towards us bringing rain, high winds, large waves and tidal surge
  9. 14. If the history of Earth were compressed to a single year, modern humans would appear on December 31st at about 11:00pm. http://www.distractify.com/geek/trivial-facts/12-astonishing-facts-that-will-warp-your-perception-of-timeforever/
  10. Blimey we are in a pattern that's before Christ (BC) 0 BC - 350 AD " Roman expansion & domination " ~200 BC: Beginning of a notable upturn in temperature levels. A steady recovery (after the cooler late Iron Age) from now, right through the 'Roman-British' period, only petering out somewhere around 350 AD. Mean temperature levels based on 'middle' England would peak at around, or a shade below those of the 'Climatic Optimum' of the Early Middle Ages & precipitation amounts overall were declining - though adequate. The climate would become generally 'benign' by the time of early years of the 1st Century AD, and eventually villas became bigger and built on hillier sites in areas we would not normally construct 'high status' buildings (at least until very recent times). Southern Britain in particular self-sufficient in wine (a staple of Romano-British life, not a luxury), and there is evidence of export of same, implying very good conditions for growth / ripening. However, there are records (principally from the Roman occupation period), of 'severe / snowy' winters. This is a warning to us nowadays not to assume that a 'warmer' climate necessarily means we will not have 'severe' winters. Sea levels thought to have risen between 1 and 2 metres compared with before and after. 120 - 114 BC (but see body of this note re: dating): Either a 'great' storm, or a series of storms in the North Sea basin. Sea floods, which affected the coastlines of Denmark, the Netherlands & Germany - if so, these storms must also have affected the east coast of Britain. These events are supposedly consistent with the change in temperature regime, as it implies alteration and/or intensification of jet-stream patterns etc., which often accompany major changes of climatic type - but read on . . . . . In many texts, the so-called "Cymbrian (or Kymbrian) flood" of the coasts around the German Bight is reputed to be responsible for setting off a migration of Celtic tribes. [23] (This is quoted by Lamb with the date range given at the head of this paragraph; but there's something odd here: the source is the Greek writer Strabo (living in what was at the time part of the Roman Empire), who lived ~63/64BC to 24AD, who in turn was quoting earlier writers (also Greek). In particular, Strabo comments upon the writings of Clitarchus (or Cleitarchus), who tells the tale of horsemen not being able to outrun an incoming (?flood?) tide and who is credited with living in the 'last quarter of the third century BC', or before 300BC. This means that this so-called 'flood' must have been some two or more centuries before the date given here! The idea of a single flood event setting off a wholesale migration is also difficult to comprehend - more likely a series of damaging floods / storm events, in the area that we now know as the Dutch polder-lands. This timing [ i.e. latter part of the fourth century BC ] would also tie in well with the suspected downturn in climate fortunes, with increased storminess across NW Europe and general cooling ~2200BC 'Major VOLCANIC eruption'. (possibly in/around Iceland, disrupting the North Atlantic and/or Arctic circulations). Bitterly COLD winters & indifferent, occasionally poor summers. http://www.booty.org.uk/booty.weather/climate/histclimat.htm
  11. If we do Daz, It really will not matter.To be honest I cant see it happening, Prime time past long ago,Any event now Would be a one day wonder.Based on current output....Time to move on and enjoy that lovely HP coming in...Dry out time and long may it continue,Well until November this year. My post on twits stated this tonight.....Winter 2013/14, Don't brag..You were a non starter..As for a finisher well you need to start first. Hope you enjoyed your USA trip. Current flood risk. http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/31618.aspx
  12. Or a chiminea, AND an Ali duct kit to "STICK" out the window otherwise smoke alarms will be going crazy in this "UNSEASONABLE" time. Hmmmmm could be in trouble here......Taking cover.
  13. Best image all winter this one MK , Could do with a good few weeks or Months of HP like below. Horrendous winter, Well much extended Autumn.
  14. Sunday Morning pics. Moon kissing the Ocean. Awesome Creature Tunnel Beach New Zealand Recent image over 17 meters of snow in Japan. Lightning strikes over the Ocean.
  15. lassie, No one could of pre forecast the true outcome of this Winter so far. The weather will do what it will do,Its just sadly unfortunate there has been a very high price to pay for many from this pretty extreme event. We really need a decent summer now and hopefully a longish one,Which will help a lot above and below ground.
  16. Well that's what my house looks like after the sink hole appeared, Water draining well though. Not really..Its Collège de Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada. Look at the bridge to the right..Bugger that.
  17. Evening people, Hope your day been OK. We are helping to put out the 200 tons of hay on fire in Potters Bar.
  18. Evening peeps......God I hate preparation for stock take it's soooooooooo boring,Earlier starts and later finishes along with a manager from HELL. Anyway what's this about Earthquakes in the South West. Colder night tonight as well.
  19. Its the 6th sinkhole in 2 weeks. Bloody worrying stuff this, Much higher water table levels are just now washing away stability in some areas.
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