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  1. Cloud is now here..Stars have virtually gone, "My" what an interesting week this will be...Long time waiting. 500 pages in this thread by Wednesday......
  2. Ohhh..Very long time since being in here, Still thought best to pop in, My god the thread is "Alive". Quite rightly too, Epic Easterly in bound inanimately...As for snow well its not WHERE & IF its how much and i am confident everyone will have snow to shout about.....Enjoy the fun, End of the week could be very bad snow wise. Hello Chaos......!
  3. You have no HATS left Karlos.... Apologies Mods..
  4. Far to early to make that call my friend...Get the cold in and believe me it will be cold. Some pretty outstanding data coming out now within the reliable. Everything still to play for and Upgrade. Good winter cold spell on the horizon. Stay tuned.
  5. You simply could not make it up...Unless you're the ecm...mind boggling.
  6. Apologies for misleading @karyo I should have said a more wintry feel, For how long who knows. Enjoy your Friday. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/8660-winters-chill-takes-hold-this-weekend-with-brisk-winds-off-the-north-sea
  7. I will just say Morning and leave the good out. Anyway it is Friday and we still have some wintry stuff this weekend. Whilst we all await for today's runs here is a link for all models in postage stamp NH, Probably most already have but for those that do not it is very helpful. http://www.meteociel.fr/cartes_obs/comp_panel.php?mode=7&ech=42&size=1
  8. The 18z gonna turn out a blinder "NOW" for sure...We will be able envisage polar bears walking past our lounge window. It is never easy getting the Cold in, I am sure all will become clearer from more runs over the next few days...
  9. Well I can honestly say I am more than happy with ecm continued trend and it's persistents. What ever happens a good wintry spell is due to start. I am confident plenty more eye opener output in a short space of time to come. Compared to the last two to three previous winters it's looking pretty darn good. Ecm could even be more jaw dropping tomorrow morning.
  10. Here you go JeffC. Hopefully this will explain the answer you need.
  11. I think it has to be said that finally a well deserved pattern change is here. So far for this winter period the models have just shown what's been quite extraordinary in the way of Temps but the Bi has had its more than fare share of Atlantic onslaughts. Any model output showing Winter for us is always a nail biter. I think that maybe even model forecasting has had to have short sharp shock to its systems in the way that winter is actually going to take place. We could be in for a shocker.
  12. Hi All, Well Well..The excitement really begins. For those that like to go compare so to speak. Excellent link to diff model postage stamp time frames, Also 3d jet stream/Wind map global. Winter is about to embrace us all. http://www.meteociel.fr/cartes_obs/comp_panel.php?mode=1&ech=54&size=1 http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/700hPa/orthographic=1.73,49.05,562
  13. Blimey Long time since I have been in here. Merry xmas all, Have a great time. Enjoy.
  14. To be honest, The output we have now is far far better than what we ever had a year ago, I think one model always has to keep the frustration going, Yes it's the ECM but it may just put a smile on everyones face later today. Be positive people.
  15. Wednesday Onwards 528 dam is pretty much covering UK and Ire, All bar the far South until Friday.
  16. Evening all, Plenty to talk about in the current output now. Just thought i would post this link reagrding Agreements from different Models. These are all on one page, Some probably have this already but for those that do not..Here you go. http://www.meteociel.fr/cartes_obs/comp_panel.php?mode=1&ech=54&size=1 Take Care all.
  17. As for my Winters Hopes, Well batter be better than the last load of Rubbish, "One" Just (1) Bleedin Frost, Then Mild, and So the Wind kicked in Along with the lovely Rain as Atlantic low bus after Atlantic low bus came through. My lovely fence followed gravity from the Winds opinion. Still bring me a 2009/10 or 2010/11 Winter and I will forgive.
  18. USA Data. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/ UK Data http://booty.org.uk/booty.weather/climate/1975_1999.htm#1975_1979 This link will go back as far as You want or upto present day. ENJOY.
  19. Hello All. Hope everyone well, Noticed that Captain had posted a history post based on 60s and 70s, if anyone likes a good step back in time here is a top link you can go back hundreds of years. http://booty.org.uk/booty.weather/climate/1975_1999.htm#1975_1979
  20. Evening all, Quite a windy day at work, Heavy rain this morning, Then brightened up and quite mild until late afternoon,Got quite chilly with next band of showers from 3.30 onwards. Pretty much the same for the weekend pattern wise.
  21. Evening all, Very interesting output on the site lately reference winter 2014/15. Pre 2009/10 set ups showing, We all know what happened on the 17th December 2009....That would be impressive to have that again. Keep Smiling.
  22. Hello gang, Hope you're all ok. Been surprisingly very mild here today, Few breezy episodes and bits of cloud cover. Calm before the storm...?. Anyway going to stay on for a little bit...BUT will be back on full time for the cold and wintry fest.
  23. Evening all, Just checking in and will be checking in a lot more soon,,,That roller coaster of Will it ,Won't it will soon be teasing us in. Anyway hope all well..Speak Soon.
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