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    Footy,Darts,Cooking, Landscaping. Love cold snowy winters, and hot summers with cracking storms.
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  1. Hi Tony, I believe 1mm of rain equals 1cm of snow in general, but other factors regarding upper conditions can increase snow density but at the same time decrease.
  2. Could very much see that Amber being extended further inland Nick with relation to the Wind / Gale Factors
  3. I would expect many upgrades from tomorrow, I would not be surprised if we all have a decent snow event over the next 7days. Infact I'm gonna commit to my comment and yes... Incoming.. WTS.
  4. Well personally I would not write off any snow event at all with what's happening. As the captain said slightest adjustment.. Big differences..however tartan hat recipe was a confusing taste bud moment. On a serious note we still have time to get something substantial..
  5. well interesting day snow wise, for those that did get snow and covering well done , for those in the regional thread that did not. The door has not closed yet, in fact probably just opened more. Milder next week for a short while, then the fun starts again. Possible bigger events. Fingers crossed. stay safe all, Work early doors, got to get the car of it's grounded position early am " 6..Interesting that will be with double parked cars. Night
  6. Folks, Cleary high frustration is hot topic in some posts !..This event was never an all action for OUR regional thread, TBH Snow fall never is guaranteed for all. Yes granted what is predicted builds the hopes, but with the current climate (Reality) and a much bigger atmosphere event that has happened prior, events take time to take place, possibly on the horizon something a bit more rewarding to come. Stay Safe and keep the fun going. Still the best regional thread. Jason.
  7. Well, Started to light snow again but sadly now turned to light rain. Drip, Drip, Drip!
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