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  1. This winter now needs to take a hike. It has failed to deliver in so many ways so just bring on the summer now. Winter has had its chance and flunked it big time this year.
  2. well so much for this winter being two sided with the first half being mild and the second half being cold and snowy. And don't even get me started with the SSW. This winter has been dreadful with the 2 snowfall events being marginal and short lived and hardly worth blinking at. I usually love the winter, especially when we have a few decent snow events but even i am ready to give winter 2018/19 up as a joke now. Roll on the summer. At least we can be guaranteed a good number of sunny hot days then. Pity the same cannot be said for a typical winter in the UK. When you can count under 5 days of snow in any one winter (and thats if we're lucky) then its not even worth waiting for.
  3. sticky snow means it aint gonna last. dry snow is for keeps,
  4. the midlands has had sod all from this meagre offering, this winter has been the pits to be honest. sick of chasing snow that never materialieses now. bring on the summer
  5. other parts of the country are doing crap, but at least you are enjoying the snow while it lasts
  6. i agree. northampton has nothing going for it full stop
  7. we havent had anything in northampton. at this point even rain would have been some kind of result. this winter is crap.
  8. glad you got the snow this time, 12 months since we had anything decent here...oh well theres always next year
  9. this winter has failed to deliver on so many occasions. i love winter but this one has me defeated. Bring on the summer. at least we can guarantee some sun and warmth whereas in the winter any resemblance of cold and snow is something rare. definately going somewhere cold and snowy for my hols next winter. Britain is just not the place for cold and snow and its only going to get worse.
  10. i really am sick of this country when we clasp at the slightest chance of any snowfall throughout the winter. for gods sake even jerusalem in the middle east has more snow than us. damn the gulf stream to hell.
  11. how have you got snow if you're in leicester, the radar doesnt even show snow over you. it shows it over us in northampton but we have zilch. what the heck is going on?
  12. it might have delivered for you (which is good) but the rest of the UK this winter has been absolute pants
  13. i hate the current graphics for weather forecasting, its impossible to differentiate between clouds and snow. bring back the stick on symbols anyday.
  14. glad you got snow. make the most of it. from my years of living in wales the snow never lasts long. Be gone by tomorrow afternoon from my experiences.
  15. even closer to northampton....and we aint got nothing yet. all the years i lived in wales and had sod all snow and then i move to east midlands and the lack of snow follows me. i'm cursed.
  16. i couldn't agree with you more. This winter (and even the usual UK winters) are enough to make anyone give up and go insane. Next winter i am definately having a holiday in the snow (somewhere that it is more or less guaranteed.
  17. Well this winter has been dreadful for most of the country and especially here in the east midlands. Not even had that many frosts compared to normal years and as for snowfall...........! And it looks like today's snow will hardly touch us neither. Absolute dross of a winter.
  18. its always background signals. knowing our luck everything will finally fall into place......in April...and all we will get is cold rain and people saying if only this had happened in February. well i don't want it in April. This country sucks for any decent winter weather.
  19. well bring on global warming so that it shuts the gulf stream down thats what i say
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