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  1. Yet again Swansea fails to deliver and all we end up with is the usual cold rain. Nothing new there then. I wonder why i moved back here sometimes. It definately wasn't for the weather thats for sure. So boring.
  2. Well after returning to Swansea after living in London and Eastern England for the past 35 off years i forgot just how dire the chances of any cold/snow weather actually is in Swansea. It makes the other places i've lived in seem like the arctic. That's one of the things i hate about living in the south west and on the coast in the winter. It's just pants and no variety of weather.....just tons of rain.
  3. Having lived in the south east of England for over 30 years and returning to Swansea where i grew up, I forgot just how incessently rainy it is here and the chance of any significant snow, let alone settling snow is virtually non existent. Living near the coast might be scenic and okay during the summer months, but anyone wishing for snow will be waiting a very long time or at least until the next ice age.
  4. i was bought up in Swansea back in the 1970's and early 80's and only had one proper snowfall in all those years. Swansea is definately not the ideal place to live if you want snow. I moved to London and the east of England and saw more snow in my 30 years there then i ever could have hoped to see in swansea. To add to the misery, the nearest place to here that would get snow is the Brecon Beacons and we can't even take a drive there now because of the lockdown. I hope this snowfest scenario doesnt happen this year to be honest.
  5. just a shame we can't even it if its a stonking event coming up, if like me, the nearest place to get snow is 30 miles away.....and we can't bloody travel anywhere during lockdown. Just bloody typical.
  6. This winter now needs to take a hike. It has failed to deliver in so many ways so just bring on the summer now. Winter has had its chance and flunked it big time this year.
  7. well so much for this winter being two sided with the first half being mild and the second half being cold and snowy. And don't even get me started with the SSW. This winter has been dreadful with the 2 snowfall events being marginal and short lived and hardly worth blinking at. I usually love the winter, especially when we have a few decent snow events but even i am ready to give winter 2018/19 up as a joke now. Roll on the summer. At least we can be guaranteed a good number of sunny hot days then. Pity the same cannot be said for a typical winter in the UK. When you can count under 5
  8. sticky snow means it aint gonna last. dry snow is for keeps,
  9. the midlands has had sod all from this meagre offering, this winter has been the pits to be honest. sick of chasing snow that never materialieses now. bring on the summer
  10. other parts of the country are doing crap, but at least you are enjoying the snow while it lasts
  11. i agree. northampton has nothing going for it full stop
  12. we havent had anything in northampton. at this point even rain would have been some kind of result. this winter is crap.
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