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    OMG finally finished my degree!
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  1. I was hoping to wake up to a covering but it was like polystyrene balls blowing on the path. but, in the last 30 minutes it has started to snow. Light but constant and I can't see the Quantocks due to the weather closing in. It is settling here too
  2. Always the optimist...swathes of the country blanketed by feet of snow and I looked out into my green garden (was that 8 years ago!). Then, from nowhere, a sneaky French low bubbled into our region, hit the cold and my kids saw their first ever proper, deep snow. I'm getting the snowboard and sledges free from spiders and owl droppings because the end of the week shows a chance and I'll take that for now (I think I last logged in years ago! Lol, snow happiness has returned)
  3. Lights flickering. 2 lightning streaks about 30 minutes ago. Apple tree is still standing though fence panel is somewhere in the field - great view down the hill now though
  4. Your not too far from the Somerset border then? Snow today (tues) or rather hard grains of ice! You?

  5. I moved here from Windermere,so the quantocks look like babies to me! Where abouts in Devon are you?

  6. hello! can see the quantocks from my cottage on the Blackdowns hills and have fond memories of travelling to them on cold days when I lived in Taunton

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