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  1. Lampost watching alongside radar watching is the best thing!
  2. Everyone's out buying bread and milk. It'll kick off in here once the shops shut ???
  3. But then living in Wales they give us a lot more money back than we pay in. Maybe they'll do the same with the snow?
  4. Good to hear that we may get some weather that is more wintery! It's been so mild (and wet) of late! Blwyddyn newydd dda (gobeithio) o ran tywydd - Happy New (weather) Year hopefully!
  5. That's what I was thinking earlier on - warm air meets cold air (again). Snow will fall!
  6. How reliable has the Euro 4 been in the last few days? Meto have had it pretty spot on to be fair
  7. Hoping that the ppn coming in from the SW of England hits up against the cold still around us and turns to snow. Looks increasingly unlikely but I have everything crossed. Join me and there's hope yet!
  8. Think it's worth sharing this with y'all. Enjoy! http://www.weathersheep.com/weekend-weather-forecast-wales/
  9. Not confident for more snow in the Diff at the moment. Not much heading our way on the radar
  10. Nearly stopped here for now, but there's more coming in from the south east over the Bristol channel. Could be a day for radar watching and nowcasting! Anyone got any thoughts on the milder weather forecast for Sunday and into next week? It would be nice to see the snow preserved by a prolonged period of colder weather!
  11. I'm west Cardiff and got steady snow falling atm. Having cleared the path we've had about 1/2 inch on it in the last 30/45 minutes.
  12. Looks like ti. Intensifying as it crosses the channel.
  13. Just started up again here in west Cardiff. Grauple to start with and now larger flakes than last night and falling more or less straight down instead of straight across!!
  14. Looking at the radar I'd agree but they're leaving it late! Still not sure that tonight has been a proper RED event - mid/high amber in reality? We've got a good thick layer of soft powdery snow (I'd love to ski on it!) but it's not 1982 or 1979 by a very long shot. More to come methinks but how much and for who is the big question!
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