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  1. The amber area coast line is approaching sping tide this weekend with high tides of around 4.5meters midday sunday. This coupled with the wind is likely to bring coastal flooding.
  2. surprised the amber warning not covering more. whiteout here. massive snow drifts along the country lanes
  3. good cm of snow here near Basingstoke in last couple of hours, looks like more spreading from the east. about -6 and really bitter in the wind
  4. Temperatures have risen from 2 deg up to Almost 6 here just outside Basingstoke in last half hour. Not looking good
  5. As if he knows... he has been promising a pattern change to cold since early November!! if he says it won't snow suggest you get your shovel out
  6. storm force 10, gusting hurricane force 12 off hayling island http://www.chimet.co.uk/(S(xpquroipn0mor22luo1gs4yj))/Default.aspx
  7. SEVERE FLOODING' WARNING2254:The Environment Agency has issued a severe flooding warning in Suffolk, warning of potential "danger to life". The warning covers Orford Ness to Bawdsey, including Butley. The forecast high water is due at 23:00. Flooding is expected for harbourside properties in Orford and properties in Butley, Shingle Street and surrounding marshland, the Environment Agency said.
  8. 2230:That's all for now on our live updates on the severe weather that has hit parts of the UK. You can follow the latest developments in our news story which is continuing to be updated. How Stupid is this stop the live reports of news of areas that need to evacute!!
  9. Good site for real time tide readings http://www.ntslf.org/data/realtime?port=Lowestoft This from Lowestoft shows tide is early and huge almost 2m extra
  10. I agree going to be a very windy day. If the pressure of the low was to drop further than predicted could turn out messy. Was out running today and lots of loose branches still hanging in trees and whole trees leaning, these could easierly be finished off by 50mph gust. These sort of gusts could also be around for up to 6 hours.
  11. low showing nicely 984 http://meteocentre.com/analyses/map.php?date=2013102723&size=standardāŒ©=en&map=eur_full&area=eur
  12. 2.2mb drop here last hour, wind now increasing, temperature shot up a degree in last few mins
  13. winds ramping back up in east solent http://www.chimet.co.uk/(S(oeieifmkvex4zr32rjtoobrf))/wind.aspx
  14. winds dropped dramatically in the solent to F3 gusting F4 and went southerly at 7pm are now going back to SW F4 gusting F7 http://www.bramblemet.co.uk/ bugger all wind N Hants at mo
  15. Just been out, compared with early really calm, evening has an odd feel about it... Oil tank gauge just shot to maximum as pressure started to drop fast in last hour.
  16. The track of this low pressure is key to everything. At the moment the worst is going to be out in the channel. If the whole thing shifts North the South will be in big trouble, I expect this is why met office are keeping their warnings out.
  17. I always use this site for my windsurfing in the solent:- http://www.bramblemet.co.uk Great for live data. Here in mid north hants gusting 20-25mph on my weather station, tho not best location for accurate readings. Looking forward to tonight tho thing this storm is being over ramped
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