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  1. Hello everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas. Not been here for a while so just checking in. I am now back living in the Preselli's in Pembrokeshire (around 200m above sea level) and can confirm that we had snow in our area at around 3 to 4am this morning giving a 1cm or 2 light covering of snow. Activity seems to be increasing out in the Irish sea so hopefully (fingers crossed) will see some more snoiwfall later today.
  2. Look like we are nearing the end here in swindon but its been an epic adventure. I will remember this event as "The Blob".
  3. Looking at the radar the ppn over Wiltshire appears to be building and the ppn over London looks like it may merge. It looks like there may be a small area of LP in the channel which is dragging moisture from the north sea and feeding in. Any thoughts?
  4. Now this is a IMBY moment as im smack bang in the middle.? What a shocker. Went to bed at 4am this morning and woke up to kids playing and snow still falling and piling up. Have not seen a daytime snow event for some time so am over the moon. This event for me has topped last years event,
  5. Yup, and its still chucking it down outside and looks to be about 3/4 inches of snow on the ground.
  6. I was half expecting this event to be a huge disappointment but I have had a blast with how this event has unfolded. At this point I have no idea what to expect but METO expect snow to midday on Friday. I have thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere in this thread today so I Just wanted to say a big thank you to the net weather team for providing this great service.
  7. I think a few people will be having a day off tomorrow. I have been looking at the traffic cams on highways England and motorways look dodgy in places. The M5 M4 stack interchange for example is down to a single lane at present. For those of you thinking of traveling tomorrow please take care and be safe.
  8. This is after about 30 to 60 mins of snowfall. I am impressed as I was beginning to get a little nervous earlier at the prospect of getting none at all.
  9. Can confirm its snowing in Swindon. just been outside to put bins out and its starting to settle.
  10. Not been on here for some time now but I have just popped it to ask for the password so I can turn off the snow shields.
  11. I give up. Every time the ppn arrives its too mild, so much for the cold spell. Time to book a skiing holiday.
  12. I hate to say this but I have good feeling about tonight. The ppn off the north sea looks to be gaining strength.
  13. Just got back from work. Been to Ipswich, Chelmsford and Epping. Been a mixture of rain sleet and snow. There was some accumulation along the A414 and the M11 at Stanstead Airport. It's just typical that the ppn had to turn back to rain Look forward to some more snow.
  14. Didn't get anything from the low but did get a good spell between 4-5pm yesterday which caused a mass panic as it settled immediately and started accumulating very fast. Typical, It never snows when I have a day off (today) anyway back to work on Saturday through to Wednesday so bound to see more of the white stuff Had a blast watching the radar yesterday evening and following the forums and would like to thank the regulars for their input. I have not had this much fun for a while. So far we have had 1-2 cm but is thawing and most has now gone. Bring on the next event
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