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  1. Chris Fawkes dismissive of anything of note until feb at the earliest
  2. it doesnt show that! why cant people read the graphics..... jeez
  3. Im not so sure, preparing for the backtracks here..... surely its delaying the inevitable mild winning, for the time being
  4. Mild for the south? As in this week rather than next?
  5. dry as a bone here
  6. really chilly now the sun gone down
  7. Oooooh it’s a little frosty
  8. Just checking in prior to the winter ahead...
  9. Lovely afternoon with the sunshine out
  10. Just a bit of autumnal rain here, not worthy of any kind of warning
  11. Where is the wind?! Very calm here
  12. I now want the damn cloud to clear please
  13. Aaaaajhhhhhh a lovely cool breeze