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  1. Hi i went to have those injections, well facet joint injections, and unfortunately they didn’t help me. In fact the messing about with my spine caused me to collapse in the hospital shortly after receiving them! Hopefully they work for you though.
  2. They are anomalies - you can tell when you run the sequence - they dont move...
  3. Yes but its going west not west north west
  4. Dont be ridiculous, there are no transport issues
  5. All over here, another 0.1mm on the floor
  6. Yes, its not that bad!
  7. Its arrived in EG, its nice but nothing settling..... a few big flakes at times but mainly light stuff
  8. some big old flakes here but no settling
  9. Need to to arrive in 2 hours at dusk, its justa little too early
  10. odds of 1/5 this breaks up over kent.....