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  1. Where does stormX come from? Seems pretty random to me
  2. Stealing Chris Fawkes tweets eh....
  3. Lol 87 was far worse this was barely a light breeze here
  4. I’m not even sure it was windy here didnt hear a thing all night
  5. I think it shows how snow starved we are though, that a slushy 1-3cm’s could poss cause disruption. People just aren’t used to it now!!
  6. There is no amber warning for the SE?
  7. That’s what frustrates when people who recently got snow moan about missing out again when some of us have had no settling snow this winter... it’s like a slap in the face for the rest of us ....lol
  8. Didn’t the chilterns get snow in December ?!
  9. Very sleety here at Gatwick
  10. I do recall SteveM saying look to 168hrs+ from this afternoon...
  11. Hate the colours on this as to me red = worse than purple
  12. So the north is going to get snow again yipee yawn
  13. im not getting into this but you said most; plus it was very localised and dependent on elevation