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  1. Some of the images after that Newfoundland Storm are amazing
  2. much prefer Eastbourne over Brighton in the summer, much quieter and nicer
  3. Doesnt have the feel of a storm about to appear outside..... its actually quite chilly
  4. Yes, from Nutley head towards Wych Cross/East Grinstead, there is a big lay by area at the top of the hill about 3/4 mile outside Nutley; alternaively head towards Tunbridge Wells from the Nutley area and you will come across high ground
  5. Have to disagree with this..... lots of trees down in this area, some flooding etc its prob much worse down here towards the coast compared to where you are
  6. Thats cause Yamkin messaged them on twitter and told then the CFS was showing a BFTE in 2 weeks time *rolleyes* If You think im lying, go look at his twitter feed.....
  7. Absolutely nothing here, sun is out, roads are clear, grass is green, birds are singing. Welcome to tropical West Sussex
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