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  1. Interesting video on met office re the tracking of the low on Tues evening
  2. I'm thinking of getting myself a life next winter. Just think of all those people out there without a care in the world and enjoying life as it happens.
  3. It all kicks off in about 6 hours. Countdown time. Tbh, in reality, I think most people will be sick of snow and freezing cold by the end of the week, and welcome some less cold conditions. Apologies to those who are perhaps not in the so called sweet spots
  4. My boss at work sent back bags of salt/grit two weeks ago. I said to him on Wednesday that we will need to get some again because of the cold and snow we are going to get next week. He looked at me as if I had gone stark raving mad. "Snow he said. Really??". A lot of other people at work were equally incredulous and disbelieving. Is this due to the general under reporting of this event by the media and particularly the BBC forecasts? I mean even the Daily Express today are headlining with "four inches!" Which for them is under sensational to say the least
  5. Louise Lear forecast on London regional weather was extremely underwhelming. Dry, but we "may, just may, see some snow Tues night into Wed. One to keep an eye on". Strange?
  6. If they call 6c very cold and feeling bitter, what will happen when and if we do get a proper Easterly with daytime temperatures of -2c. Will they add another "very" to the "very"?
  7. Another thing that gripes me is the weather summary at the start of the forecast. For the previous four days it's been "snow showers". If you were in a hurry and didn't both listening to the rest of the forecast, the average person who is not interested in meteorology and just wants to know what the weather will do for the day will go away thinking we are all going to get snow showers. But when you listen on, and the weather person gets to the nitty gritty of the forecast, it transpires that the "real" snow showers will be in Scotland the rest of the country will have a wintry mix of rain, sle
  8. Some showers are beginning to pep up a bit further West around Cambridge now. Could affect some parts of South East London/North West Kent perhaps? Whether they're snow or not is a different matter?
  9. Just watched latest BBC news 24 weather. There was no mention by Stav whatsoever of snow showers (anywhere) Tuesday and Wednesday. Also temps of 6c. Doesn't correlate with the updated warnings, unless the forecast was pre-recorded from earlier?
  10. Had enough or waiting around for nothing. Gonna give myself a rest and not come on the forum for a few days and just look at the BBC forecast a couple of times. More to life than snow.
  11. The weather forecast not looking that encouraging for Monday and Tuesday. Despite suggestions that it would get colder next week, alas Darren Bett had temperatures of 6c both days and dry. He even said that it wouldn't feel as cold because of the lack of wind. Thaat feature on Tuesday looks like exiting into the North Sea before it reaches the South East, and only rain and sleet anyway according to Mr Bett.
  12. Nick Miller earlier today mentioned a separate system that would would bring snow to central parts and the south overnight. But it hasn't been mentioned by any of the other weathermen since...this must be it. The way it's intensified over the last hour is very encouraging. This, then the other feature for 7am tomorrow. All to play for
  13. The showers atm in Wales and West Midland are nearly all snow according the the radar? Also that band of snow in Edinburgh has expanded and intensified. That's what should reach us later tonight I suspect. But will it still be snow?
  14. 6c over the weekend and beginning of next week. Just not cold enough for meaningful snow.
  15. What about the big blob coming out of Liverpool. Looks quite intense and heading for the London area by the looks of things? Tne same track as the current showers
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