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  1. Yes it was pretty insane here in Weston, power was knocked out, Big Bang, then 20 mins of hail big cloudy updrafts (literally clouds forming out of nowhere) and lightning... where did you see that video, be good to have a look, link? i hear Banwell is without power
  2. I'm down near Hutton WSM and roads didn't seem too bad, went up the hill to Canada Combe towards the golf course and some big drifts up there! I'm always surprised at the amount of disruption a little snow causes, as a matter of course I always put winter tires on my car's from around November till April, had absolutely no problem getting up steep hills in the snow (Audi Quattro system is amazing), wouldnt even think about it if I didn't have them though... As for cost, yes, it is expensive for a full set but it evens out to nothing after a few years as you spread your tire wear across two sets of tires... Anyhow some pics from up the hills of Weston...
  3. Considering trying to take Friday off as keen on seeing and taking little one out for some snow fun, I’m over in Weston so limited possibility, I’m near Hutton so got some hills very close by, Canada Combe area is about 150m and that’s just a few minutes away. I know when it started snowing here in 2018, it was patchy down here at 14m asl but up at 150m it was pretty good. the next place is Burrington Combe which is 8 miles away, easy to get to, and once trekked up to the peak nets us 300m... anything marginal here in Weston should be good at burrington surely? How marginal is this thurs / fri event going to be this far west?
  4. Yes, PVA (had to look that up) I was out in it putting out the recycling and sideways rain with insane gusts here in Weston S Mare. Suffice to say most of the other houses recycling is in the street...
  5. I wonder if I might have nearly bumped into you, I just popped up there from Elborough and figured it would be more wintry being 140m ASL, was nice. You had the red MPV type car? I’ve got winter tyres on my i3 and was keen to try them out on proper snow! Only slush up there though :-(
  6. When it really kicked off here in Bath it was initially around 22 - 23c, and there was cloud to cloud lightning, then the squall came along, dropped down to about 18c - 19c (based on weather pro app) and the lightning turned to cloud to ground being about 50% of the hits... Rapid formation of white clouds happened as soon as the temp dropped, all that water in the air effectively instantly condensing into thick clouds, thats when it really went wild here, hammering it down and CG strikes galore... Awesome evening watching. Being lucky this year in that Bath / Bristol area has had two impressive events.
  7. Another thing I found interesting about tonights show is the sheer number of different cells that are kicking out these strikes. I visually tracked at least 4 or 5 at one point. At least thats the way I have seen it. Not much of an expert but there have been a lot of distinct groupings of strikes for the Bath area...
  8. Incredible show here in Bath, started with just cloud to cloud and been cloud ground for what must be an hour now. A few real shotgun cracks and still going strong. As good as the 17th July show so far! Awesomes
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