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  1. Well today was good enough for me. No direct storms but had a few pass by that gave us a good deal of rain so I'm more than happy. Some nice deep rumbles of thunder too. I'm just happy that the heat has come down and I can stop sweating lol Temperature 20c and dew point 18c, humidity has come done to 87%.
  2. Heavy rain now, just what the garden needs lol Sky is very dark to my SW, storm now 14miles away.
  3. Just checked the radar, storm is just south of me now and moving this way! Yay
  4. I'm sure I can hear distant thunder. S/SW direction. Still looking hazy here. Temperature 18c and dew point 17c humidity 96%
  5. I can see that line on the radar edging closer. Hopefully it reaches me 🤞
  6. I'm in ketteting, just had 2 big rumbles of thunder and a few spots of rain. Nothing showing on the lighting maps!
  7. so did I, I was still posting in the southeast discussion ??
  8. Hi everyone, new to this region as we have just moved from Bedfordshire to Kettering. Loving it already as the weather here is far more interesting than my home town! We've had a couple of storms and very heavy downpours since we moved in two weeks ago. Currently tipping it down and 15c.
  9. Had really heavy downpour just after midnight and I'm sure I heard a few rumbles of thunder around 5am when it was raining again. Sun's out now and windy.
  10. Evening all, I've just relocated from Luton to Kettering. And I must say in the few days I have been here we have had all sorts of weather!! I'm loving it!
  11. Temperature still a muggy 29c here. Is that it for the storms now? Had two short showers and one rumble of thunder this afternoon but that's it. Will there be more storms tonight and if so where is likely to get them?
  12. will there be more storms later? I don't want to miss out after enduring this heat ?
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