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  1. Took some photos this morning before heading off to work while the kids got there snow day!! Lol Lovely 9cm of snow here. Had a couple of light snow showers this afternoon. It's 2c here now and dew point of 0c. Radar shows snow but nothing falling from the sky at the minute.
  2. well woke up to about 9cm of snow and it's still falling!!! What a lovely surprise.
  3. I keep looking at all the different radars and hoping it gets here soon. What's my chances like here? Met office keep pushing the time further. Was 9pm now close to midnight
  4. It's been really cold today, only managed to get up to 1c. Dew point has been sitting below freezing too. Waiting patiently for later. Wow if only lol
  5. -5c here ❄ with dew point also -5c. Fingers crossed for later on tonight!
  6. temperature has fallen to 1c and dew point 0c. Still snowing here and have a very light covering
  7. Rain has turned to snow now. Weather app saying 3c with a 2c dew point.
  8. Makes sense to me. I've been watching the radar for weeks and its been doing that! I just want rain. Lol
  9. I can confirm that there is absolutely nothing falling from the sky in that area. I'm under it lol
  10. Currently according to the radar i am sitting under a blob of rain???? Nope nothing, what a tease and still 23c in my garden
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