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  1. Still watching these constant flashes in the distance, towards the south/southeast. Did try to get some video of it but it didn't pick it up very well. Rain has stopped and current temp is 17c
  2. The rain has near enough stopped now, had a loud rumble about 10mins ago. Lots of lightning in the distance towards the south/southeast but no thunder from it
  3. I'm having the same problems with the lightning map! Get an error message saying something when wrong check your Java settings Also no new strikes showing on the netweather storm app, but I can clearly see and hear close strikes.
  4. Got closer and louder thunder now! Still raining. Going to be a long night lol
  5. Started getting a few distant rumbles around 9pm. Few spots of rain and some beautiful lightning to the southwest. Had two intense downpours, still raining now but not as heavy. Lightning and thunder still in the near distance.
  6. Getting a little darker here.
  7. Current sky here in warm and still Luton! Temp is 24c.
  8. Current sky's to the southwest and west of me. Breeze has got up a bit but its sill 30c and very muggy here.
  9. Currently 22c here and cloudy. Just looked on the radar and apparently its raining here lol
  10. Was 22c at 8am this morning. Currently 28c here now. I sat outside for 10mins and had to come back in. My hay fever is really bad this year!
  11. Nothing but a few spots of rain here today.
  12. Looks like i have a storm shield over me this year They seem to fizzle out just before it gets close, and then fire up again just to the northeast/southeast of me! Just cloudy here, temperature has drop a couple of ℃ too
  13. Very very distant rumble and flash of lightning
  14. Another very very distance rumble