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  1. Weather warning issued for Friday!
  2. Weather warning issued for Friday!
  3. Just started raining here. And i can hear very distant thunder.
  4. Feels very muggy here. After a cloudy day the sun has managed to brake through and warm things up. Current sky here looking South/West
  5. Heavy rain has eased off a little but still pelting it down! Distant but load cracks of thunder with a few bits of lightning seen.
  6. InShot_20180527_231920779.mp4
  7. Managed to get a shot of the lightning. I have a few videos but I can't upload them as the file size is too large! If I make it smaller the quality isn't very good.
  8. I've just read on facebook a post from the local police that milton keynes has flooding of roads and homes. We could see all the lightning coming from that way. Its stopped now but went on for a couple of hours. I hope the flooding isnt too bad there.
  9. I can not belive the amount of lightning im seeing!! Its amazing in the distance. Have taken a video will upload soon
  10. Sky is clouding over now but still very humid. Just had a loud rumble of thunder about 10 minutes ago but nothing since.
  11. That was an impressive storm that lasted a good few hours. Reminded me of the good old 80s night time storms. Just constant lightning and constant deep rumbles of thunder. My son who is 12 loves storms and was shocked at the amount of lightning lol
  12. Just started to rain here now. Lighting is constant and the rumbles are getting louder!
  13. Constant lightning and deep high up rumbles to my south and west. No rain yet. Been like this for about an hour
  14. After snowing all day yesterday all be it lightly and then picked up through the night. We ended up with a nice covering here. There was a foot deep drift in the corner of the trampoline lol my daughter took great joy in juming on it! We have light snow here now. Feels bitter in that wind current temp is 0c
  15. Thanks for sharing lol I'll look forward to it