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  1. One of the best thunderstorms I've ever seen. Still flashing away multiple times a minute but now tailing off here in NW Kent. Not exaggerating when I say we had around 45 minutes with lightning every c.5/10 seconds.
  2. Wimbledon has seen 34.3C recorded already today. Only 0.3C away from the 1976 record. Cooler now I suspect with that cloud moving through London. Still a chance over the next two hours if the sun holds out for long enough...
  3. I can't help but feel that the cloud cover might scupper any record breaking. Have seen temperatures plateau after 12pm on several occasions. Don't forget that the rise in temperature will also slow considerably around 35C. Further - I feel like the Wimbledon record isn't a cert by any means. N/NW London may well be a good 2/3 degrees hotter than SW19. My call is for somewhere to tip into 36C but no further.
  4. south west pacific

    Any chance somebody could clear up to me whether Pam is still considered a tropical cyclone? All the major news outlets in NZ are reporting it as 'tropical cyclone Pam'. Obviously these can be quite misleading and mostly they don't understand that there are certain characteristics needed to be classed as a tropical cyclone... NZ Herald even reported that Pam had 'been downgraded to a category 4 cyclone' which is a bit of a joke (pretty sure it's weaker than that now!). To my knowledge only one true tropical cyclone has ever hit NZ having not already turned extra-tropical. But Pam does seem to have retained a lot of it's structure and there are still 20c 850 hPa temps at it's core?
  5. Takaka, near Nelson (top of the South Island), New Zealand, has had 517mm of rain (half a metre!) in 48 hrs with a state of emergency declared for the region... Sounds pretty serious: http://goo.gl/h4qqo (via weatherwatch.co.nz)

  6. Amazing 22 degree moon halo tonight (in Kent), first one I've ever seen...

  7. http://weatherwatch.co.nz/content/record-challenging-heat-across-sunday - rediculous warmth in the North of New Zealand - it has been consistently warmer than any where in the UK over the few weeks and it's technically meant to be winter... Only 15 days till the shortest day and apparently the beaches are packed.
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  8. Probably a silly question, but will this storm have any effect at all on UV levels over the coming day/s?