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  1. Unsure how relevant this is, but it may be worth noting that New Zealand has just experienced its warmest month on record, and might be on track for its warmest summer on record if February continues the trend.
  2. One of the best thunderstorms I've ever seen. Still flashing away multiple times a minute but now tailing off here in NW Kent. Not exaggerating when I say we had around 45 minutes with lightning every c.5/10 seconds.
  3. Takaka, near Nelson (top of the South Island), New Zealand, has had 517mm of rain (half a metre!) in 48 hrs with a state of emergency declared for the region... Sounds pretty serious: http://goo.gl/h4qqo (via weatherwatch.co.nz)

  4. Amazing 22 degree moon halo tonight (in Kent), first one I've ever seen...

  5. Interesting how similar the storm shown on the ECM 00z looked to this event.
  6. http://weatherwatch.co.nz/content/record-challenging-heat-across-sunday - rediculous warmth in the North of New Zealand - it has been consistently warmer than any where in the UK over the few weeks and it's technically meant to be winter... Only 15 days till the shortest day and apparently the beaches are packed.
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  7. Actually that recording has almost certainly been discredited now as the result of a faulty recording instrument. I believe Mr Data had a discussion about it last month, from what I can remember he seemed to conclude that the most reliable record high temperature is the 56.7C at Death Valley, California... But even that may be a little dodgy now, especially considering it's from 1913... I'll see if I can quickly find the discussion. Ah yes, Mr D says even the Death Valley recording is possibly unreliable: "That reading has been questioned as well also back in 1926." The next highest temperature on record seems to be 54.0°C in Mitraba, Kuwait on June the 15th 2010, which I'd have thought would be a fairly reliable record given how recent it is. Discussion on the topic can be found mainly on page 3 in this thread: http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/69184-when-will-the-uk-get-its-first-40-c/page__st__34 I've always found heat bursts an interesting topic, but have never put too much faith in those ridiculously high recordings from the Middle East etc... I suppose it could be possible somehow though.
  8. Probably a silly question, but will this storm have any effect at all on UV levels over the coming day/s?
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