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  1. Lovely sunny morning in NE Fife. Now rather cloudy but still warm - the temperature at Leuchars is currently 23c, making it the second warmest day of the year so far!
  2. Best day of the year so far here, 24c at Leuchars and 22c here in Pittenweem with the WSWly wind keeping the sea breeze away. Clear blue skies. Stunning! 😀
  3. Despite the great weather (couple of cloudy days among the sunnier ones but lovely nonetheless) it wasn’t difficult to imagine how wild it must be up there in stormy weather. The landscape commands respect. Highlight was walking up to a cliff face and having 4 white-tailed eagles take off from underneath us. Spotted a whale 30 minutes after that. Will definitely be back. A few photos below. Now back home in Pittenweem and the sun is shining!
  4. I’ve totally lucked out with the weather. It’s been amazing with temperatures in the 18-21c range and plentiful sunshine. The beach was Eoropie near Butt of Lewis.
  5. Up in Lewis on holiday. Wonderful day, topping out at 21c in a fair breeze. Looks like the haar has come and gone back home but certainly not missing it! 😉
  6. The May misery continues. After just 3mm of rainfall in April, the May total is standing at 135mm or 276% of the May average (Leuchars figures). Oh and it’s also been cold with below average sunshine. Is it June yet? 😀
  7. God awful weather for late May as others have noted. 8c and a strong NEly wind and driving rain. After just 6% of the average monthly rainfall in April we’re now over 200% for May with plenty of time to add further to that! 😪
  8. As others have noted, big rise in temperature the last couple of days. Felt lovely in the sun in St Andrews this afternoon at 16c. Slight contrast to last month in terms of rainfall though!😀 (Leuchars figures) - April 2021 2.6mm (6% of monthly average) - May 2021 (1st to 11th) 60mm (123% of monthly average)
  9. A cold start to May here too but the main talking point locally is rainfall. After just 2.6mm of rain in April there has been 38.8mm so far in the first few days of May (Leuchars figures). Quite a turnaround. Cold last night, min was 1.7c here on the East Neuk coast.
  10. Final figures for April: What a month April was in NE Fife (Leuchars figures): Rainfall: 2.6mm (6% of monthly average) Sunshine: 244 hours (169% of monthly average) Temperature: 2c below the mean. The mean minimum was 0.3c (January average minimum 0.5c!)
  11. Welcome to May! What a month April was in NE Fife (Leuchars figures): Rainfall: 2.4mm (5% of monthly average) Sunshine: 238 hours (165% of monthly average) Temperature: 2c below the mean. The mean minimum was 0.3c (January average minimum 0.5c!)
  12. In a word: minging. Cold, damp and breezy and thoroughly unpleasant for late April. Felt more like December. Temperature stuck at 7c this afternoon. Quite a contrast to the dry sunny weather of the last few weeks!
  13. Morning all, The remarkable April continues. Updated Leuchars figures: 0.4mm of rainfall, 205 hours of sunshine, temps 2.2c below the mean. Looks like the rainfall total will increase tomorrow though! Great long walk in the Angus hills yesterday, unsurprisingly very dry underfoot!
  14. Pleasant morning and the sun took temperatures up to 12c but the wind off the sea this afternoon brought in cloud and haze (no actual haar to report) and it feels decidedly cool now in the breeze at 9c.
  15. Edinburgh Gogarbank on 1.8mm for the month so far. Leuchars just 0.4mm for April to date. It’s very dry here in the East Neuk. Another lovely day. Minimum was 3.5c and maximum 13c here in Pittenweem but in more sheltered Leuchars the temperature range was -1.6c to 16c.
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