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  1. 24c here with partly cloudy skies, very warm for the East Neuk. No sea breeze the wind is SWly!
  2. Evening all, Grim and wet even over here in the relatively dry East Neuk. Temperature has risen steadily and now sits at 17c/16c at Leuchars.
  3. Afternoon all, I had a great day on the hills yesterday tackling a couple of Munros from Spittal of Glenshee. A few other walkers out but nice and quiet overall. A few photos below. It was pleasantly warm, even at 1,000m. Back to the weather grind today. Mostly cloudy and breezy with temperatures around average.
  4. Grim day here too although I think the rain is finally clearing through. It brightened up briefly around 5pm but then we had the heaviest rain of the day around 6pm. A July to forget although it may end with a fine day on Friday (fingers crossed as I am off and hope to get out on the hills again!)
  5. Morning all, I’ve been on holiday this last week and the weather has been ‘mixed’ (I’m being kind ). Had a couple of nights away up in Glen Clova. Thursday was a decent day and I managed up into the hills, great walk up Broad Cairn and Cairn Bannoch. Back to the dreich this morning in Pittenweem though hoping for some sun later.
  6. Decent day in NE Fife. Sunny spells and breezy, about 17c at the moment.
  7. How right your are! Not all will agree though. Leuchars now at 77 hours of sun for the month of July which is hardly spectacular but in contrast Loch Glascarnoch just 30 hours, Eskdalemuir 35 and Aviemore 40. Very poor for July!
  8. Warm and very pleasant in the afternoon sun, 24c recorded at Leuchars. It’s been a much better week locally. Best since May.
  9. Some stats in the link below too though not every site has sunshine hours. Aviemore sitting on a meagre 34 hours for the month so far. http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/~brugge/CURR.html
  10. We were definitely in the right spot today. 9 hours of sun and a max of 20c.
  11. A better couple of days over here. Yesterday the temperature crept up to 21.8c under sunny spells, easily the highest of the month so far. Clear sunny start this morning and though that won’t last we should get the best of the weather this week in the westerly set up.
  12. I have to say for most of the year I’m happy with the Scottish climate but for me summer is the exception. These cool, cloudy summer days really get to me after a while. I’m yearning for sunshine and warmth! It’s the curse of the maritime climate. Doesn’t help that even by our standards June was poor here and July has followed suit so far. I spotted that Aviemore has had just 9.7 hours of sun so far this month! Right, moan over, fingers crossed for something more summery soon!
  13. Took the opportunity of the ‘pause’ in the bad weather to get back out on the hills today. Only 30 minutes of light rain and no wind to speak of was better than I expected! Glas Maol & Creag Leacach from Glen Isla.
  14. Yeah just what I was thinking. June was poor and July has started off appallingly. Hopefully things pick up later next week. ?
  15. Grim start to July here. Cloudy, damp, dreich and cool, thermometer stuck on 12c virtually all day.
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