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  1. Few rumbles here in Chelmsford, hope we get to see some action later.
  2. Nothing for Chelmsford yet again, another wasted Kent clipper.
  3. Just been out for a brief walk with the dogs, quite a strong windchill out there and bone dry, can see clouds travelling fast overhead with the light polution.
  4. OK it's finally turned to snow here, albeit it on the light side.
  5. Same, I'm down Waterhouse Lane area and it's still raining quite heavily.
  6. After a spell of light drizzle here it is now giving way to heavier rain (with some sleetyness mixed in)
  7. I hardly ever post on here but I visit this forum everyday since I signed up years ago, just not as prolific as most on here (sorry for reporting rain at my location I'll stay quiet from now on)
  8. Now it's stopped completely here, hoping the next stuff to fall with be flakes and not drops.
  9. Rain here in Chelmsford has turned somewhat heavier the past few minutes.
  10. Light rain in Chelmsford soaking everything, hope it changes soon.
  11. Seeing crazy amounts of lightning strikes on http://en.blitzortung.org/live_lightning_maps.php?map=12 must be just missing me here in Chelmsford by a hair, haven't heard a single rumble or seen any flashes.
  12. It's been hard to believe anything has been going on, here in Chelmsford it's been nothing but bits of cloud and occasional blue skies for days and really dry, all this talk of storms seems like I'm in a different country.
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