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  1. Looks good for most of you ? seem to be right on the edge of every predicted snow map in Exeter - is this because it’s slightly too close to the coast or is there a chance we will also see some of the white stuff settle?
  2. Evening all, been watching closely all week. Off to Poland for 5 day’s on thursday and was worried I was going to miss much at home but that doesn’t seem the case anymore though ? although hoping I get to see some proper winter weather in krakow as it’s seems to be really similar there at the minute to here!
  3. Just had a shower pass through here, was hail/graupel shower. Guess bodes well for everyone else down here if they catch one!
  4. been a while since ive posted...... i remember several times in the past where these type of scenarios come up, think there was one in 2009 where all struggled to pin down whether it would or not. IIRC they were still even showing forecasts of rain when it was hammering down with snow outside. Ended up with about 4 inches of wet snow cover (was rain to snow event) where i live in Exeter. not sure if the parameters are the same this time but the same outcome would be great!
  5. It looks like midnight at the cricket! It looks like it's being held in the Midwest! Guys up in the action pics pics pics, we all want to see how amazing it looks
  6. The rain rafdar is not really showing anything to heavy moving into Exeter, does this mean we won't get anything to exciting tonight?
  7. it is definately bending the trees sideways here at work at the minute (woodbury!)
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