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  1. Yes John and also thinking that the sea around our shores is still what might be called warm. A few nice chilly winds are needed and then things become less marginal. that said if we could get a truly icy blast from the East then the lake effect would be awesome - maybe that's what Met Office hint at for the New Year.
  2. Amazing, it looked really dark to our East - I imagined you would have had a good soaking in the Purbecks. I was up in N Dorset walking on the Downs last night and saw some young badgers foraging - they look very small and thin for their age but at least they are alive. I imagine they will be raiding blackberries for moisture now and will have had a good feed of worms in the rain a fortnight ago which will have helped bolster them. Hard times for many creatures but insects and their predators probably doing alright. We live quite near the watermeadows and are seeing an abnormally large number of bats in the garden (four different species), I am wondering if they might have moved away from drier areas. We also have a little owl visiting which I have not seen before (occasional tawny owl in the past but not little owl ). It visits both at dusk and at 4.30 am!
  3. Are you getting showers off the stream currently coming up from the Cherbourg Peninsular? We had a few spots half an hour ago but the edge of the stream seems to be about 10 miles to our East. (probably my fault for deciding not to water the patio plant pots because it will rain!)
  4. Very interested tro hear of sharks (smoothound, tope?) Plenty of mackerel at last round Weymouth but only in the past days. I was down at Chesil Cove for a beer last weekend and there was hardly anyone fishing!
  5. I hope so - looking forward to a nice output figure from our photovoltaic panels on the roof. After a dismal output across the winter this is most welcome!! Has the heat affected the fishing down your way? Weymouth seems very quiet fish -wise. Just waiting to see if it comes alive late August when the prawns and fry get going.
  6. Yes, we often get a months rain in one day, but a months sunshine is quite special - love it!! Great day however and I for one have been pleased to see the temps moderate a bit and the water butt replenished.
  7. Mapantz, Is there not a big lump just coming ashore near Swanage just now ? (looking at Meto Rainfall Radar) this pulse looks like our best bet tonight. We have had a few bangs and light showers but nothing to rattle the china yet.
  8. Yes snow turned to rain here also and now thawing well as warmer air moves in. Wildlife will be relieved - there was a woodcock sitting on the road as we drove back from the pub, not normal behaviour and presumably because the ground in the woods has been to hard to feed. He flew off as we approached so was not injured.
  9. Just had a short spell quite heavy snowfall (heavier than yesterday) which hs now changed to ice grains. About 5mm additional snow which I didn't expect. Snow still crisp underfoot and temperature between -0.5 but feels as if it is rising.
  10. Yes, some of the recent immigrants like Little Egrets will be wondering if they did the right thing. Very few birds moving round here but Idid hear a blackcap singing in the hedgerow when i took the dogs out - he will be suffering as only a few overwinter in the UK.
  11. I've just come back from playing toboggans and training the dogs to drag the toboggan uphill! (no I will never grow up!) I would say a genuine 3 cm overall depth with 20 to 30cm in the drifts. On the way back there was freezing drizzle blowing in the wind and stinging my face. The air temperature now is close to thawing so I am slightly worried what we shall see in the morning. May have to drive up to the downs to get the ice and proper toboggan runs down may favourite N facing road (Bulbarrow). Almost tempted to head up there later tonight if it starts to re-freeze as I am sure the ground temperatures are good. Hardly any traffic on the A35 and it is still packed snow not slush.
  12. Just waiting to hear about enormous snow drifts against the fencing of the M4 as snow refused to go over it! Didn't really mean that but it is so good to finally get a good dumping here!
  13. My wife was in Exeter in February 1978 - snowed in for nearly a fortnight. Similar conditions today inasmuch as we are in a true battleground scenario, I would not be wholly surprised if the rain / thaw following is less pronounced than forecast, I say this as weather from the channel always seems reluctant to rise up off the channel and over the land at this time of year. It appears to sheer along the coast if it can.In which case stays colder and edges further East. If we do get rain and ice there a whole new set of problems with roofs collapsing, black ice and power lines collapsing so lets hope that doesn't happen. Either way stay safe!
  14. Well that is interesting, maybe both are correct. I had the misfortune of having my car run into by another in snow some years back. I was pulled over and stationary with nearside wheels up on the verge at the time and a car coming the other way out of control slid into my car. I had witnesses to the fact. Even so my insurers insisted that the insurers policy in snow conditions is to settle claims on a knock for knock basis. So, although you are insured your no claims is at risk if another vehicle hits you. They said this was because I went out knowing the conditions to be tricky.