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  1. Dorsetbred and Mapantz I was just looking at the ;latest lightning radar and it looks like the two of you might be well placed for the cluster currently working their way up from Brittany - I might be a shade too far west for the most intense activity.My fault as I slept right through what was apparently a humdinger the night before last (we have a litter of week old puppies and I am still trying tp recapture lost sleep!) I knew I slept soundly but perhaps not that soundly. It will be interesting to see just where the owernight pulse heads, they seem often to sheer off eastwards up the channel or northwards towards Bristol Channel when the earlier drift suggests N to NNE drift.
  2. Apologies Ed for not explaining more clearly, - my post was intended to reflect against title of the thread: 'stopping dangerous global warming'. My point being that I somehow doubt that man can stop changes of this magnitude (which evidence shows have occurred throughout time, even before man was able to influence the process). I believe we continue to build in unsuitable locations and expect others to carry the future burden of so doing. We need to improve at learning from history. When it comes to pollution or unnecessary depletion of finite natural resources, be they mineral, vegetable or animal then I think we could have a more useful ambition - these are things we can do something about if we have a mind to if we approach them with honesty and determination.
  3. Why do we think this is all something new and man made? There is huge evidence all around us of there having been both substantially higher and lower sea levels in relatively recent (geomorphologically and archaeologically) timescales. Look at raised beach levels around the UK and in the mediterranean. Buildings and villages metres below sea level and beaches 50m above sea level. Perhaps the priority should be to ban new building in areas prone to flooding and rapid coastal erosion and plan for retreat from towns that were historically associated with ports and river crossings but no longer need to be at such locations. On the matter of Photovoltaic panels, why not install them in hot arid areas where nothing grows rather than in areas such as UK where their effect is to reduce the growth of plants on the land in question (which would otherwise absorb CO2 and increase oxygen)
  4. heavy and prolonged hail shower just passed through followed by a single lightning flash and thunderclap
  5. Storm Imogen

    We just had the mother of all thunder cracks here in Puddletown - it really shook the house and gave a very long rumble. We have shutters on the windows so I didn't see the lightning flash. Went and checked round the house and can see no damage but he dogs are refusing to go outside! No other thunder heard before or after this
  6. Thanks for picking that chart Daniel, it shows snow for Africa but not the S Coast of UK. Ok there is Continental climate and height ASL to consider, but even so it is interesting
  7. And many were looking at global patterns and saying, colder towards the end of winter - We are still in mid winter ( just it doesn't feel like it today!) I continue to watch this particular period of models with great interest as I expect a rapid change during the first week of February and then what might be seen as an unexpectedly swift return to Northerly regime. It is remarkable how often there will be a couple of hints a week to ten days ahead, a swing away for a week or more and then a suddenly reappearance at 48 hours or less. Put another way projections at 240 hours seem to to keep edging away in time with each run and then suddenly rush forward with a flourish like important bits of jig saw falling into place and allowing the picture to be suddenly completed.
  8. another very heavy spell of rain just started, this time with hail mixed in and a single clap of thunder. The local rivers are now just overtopping their banks so the aquifers must be well topped up.
  9. We had a sleety squall shower in Dorchester at 12:30
  10. Yes you know its getting bad when we have to take sanctuary in here for a bit of peace and quiet!
  11. I suspect there will be some interesting discussions and negotiations going on under the Transfer Of Undertakings (TUPE) directives - the new operator effectively have to take on staff who worked primarily on the BBC contract and I imagine there will be considerable pension issues to cover also. I can imagine accountants and lawyers working late nights on this contract change.
  12. Yes, our photovoltaic panels last month only generated a tenth of their normal summer electricity output and about half of their normal winter output. Fortunately this is offset by a welcome lack of gas consumption on our heating!
  13. Yes a real joy walking the dogs this afternoon in warm sun and dappled woodland light onto fresh fallen leaves. Whatever the winter we will not feel cheated out of an autumn.
  14. Equally foul here - I'm sure we all have it! Thursday brought the first real flooding of our back lanes for quite a time - the best indicator that the topsoil is now saturated meaning excess run-off from the fields when it rains heavily. The chalk fed rivers are also beginning to rise after very low levels in October (which is a relief to see for nature lovers).